Welcome Happy New Year 2010

new yearMy Dear Loving Friends, today is new year 2010.

Keep the Smile always with U, keep the tears away from U, Keep thinking of Joy, Keep on kicking Fears.

Hold the Laugh, Hold on the Pain, Hold the hands together.

Be Joyous, Be hopeful,

Because its NEW YEAR!


I’m sure all of you might have really enjoyed this new year by now. But truly I couldn’t able to enjoy today with friends. I enjoyed this happy new year mid night with my laptop and internet. All of my friends are gathered together in one of our friends home and celebrating this new year together with music, dance and so on. My best friend called me and scold me for not participating in the party. I feel so bad and I know he can’t understand me in this situation. I were really interested to go out and hang out with my friends, but due to some problems I weren’t able to enjoy with them. I were listening the sounds of crackers bursting outside my home and thinking that I were with my friends.

Hello friends, If you are of someone like me or someone who couldn’t able to enjoy this day, don’t worry, you have a day in which you can enjoy far better than today. Though enjoyment is a main part of life, you have to struggle hard to survive. Forget all failures and disappointments of the past, think of tomorrow, struggle hard and enjoy !!!.. Do the best today and you’ll surely get the best some day!!!…

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