Holi : The Festival Of Colours

‘Holi‘ came from the sanskrit word ‘hola’, which means to offer oblation or prayer to the Almighty or God as Thanksgiving for good harvest. The colourful Holi originated as an agricultural festival and it symbolises rejuvenation, new beginnings and everything in life that is optimistic, brimming and sunny with life.In India, during holi nature and […]


The ninth month of Muslim calendar is known as Ramadan.  On Ramadan month, all Muslims must do fasting and are encouraged to read the entire Quran. Aside from fasting, Muslims pray more, understand and share their religious teachings. There are 30 days on Ramadan Calender. On these days Muslims all around the world are not […]

Welcome Happy New Year 2010

My Dear Loving Friends, today is new year 2010. Keep the Smile always with U, keep the tears away from U, Keep thinking of Joy, Keep on kicking Fears. Hold the Laugh, Hold on the Pain, Hold the hands together. Be Joyous, Be hopeful, Because its NEW YEAR! **WELCOME HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010** I’m sure […]

Blogger start preparing your website for christmas 2009

Hello folks, as you know Christmas is very near and all of you might be well prepared for greeting Christmas. Like you many of the webmasters or blogger started preparing their blog or website with cool Christmas design and other stuffs to entertain their readers. If you are a blogger and not yet prepared your […]