JEE main 2017 admit card download page screenshot

JEE Main Admit Card 2017

Your JEE Main Admit Card 2017 is now available for downloading. CBSE (Central Board Of Secondary Education), India published JEE Main Admit Card 2017 on...
Tourist Places in Kerala

Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Kerala

Here are the top 10 best tourist places in Kerala that you must visit if you are planning for an excellent, everlasting and memorable...
Jayalalithaa Died

Jayalalithaa Died in Apollo Hospitals, About Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s Death

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa died in Apollo Hospitals Chennai on 5-12-2016 at 11:30pm. This article contains all information about death of Jayalalitha. Jayalalithaa has...
Slanted Square Optical illusion

Slanted Square Optical illusion

Slanted Square Optical illusion The squares in the picture are straight & perfect squares. Look into this to observe another  magical trick !!!!!
Magic Zoomster Optical illusion

Magic Zoomster Optical illusion

Magic Zoomster Optical illusion This picture is really magical !!!!! You should focus on the dot at the centre and move your head constantly towards...
Rollers optical illusion

Rollers Optical illusions

Rollers Optical illusions   Can you see illusion in this picture???  Yeah !!!! The rollers in the picture appear to revolve in the opposite direction when...
Rotating Optical illusion

Rotating Optical illusions

Rotating Optical illusions This picture really reveals the spontaneous rotation of circles. Its really very interesting.

This Girl Invented Alarm Clock Wakes You Up with A Slap in Face [Video]

Here is the video of a girl who invented an alarm clock to wake her up in the morning with a slap in her...
SRK Gifted Abhishek Bachchan

SRK Gifted Abhishek Bachchan a Bike

Shah Rukh Khan, co-star of Abhishek in 'Happy New Year' surprised the son of Big B by gifting a bike which costs approximately Rs...
Malaysia’s Prime Minister Announcement

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Announced : Jet Fell Into Ocean

The mystery surrounding the Malaysia Airlines flight-Boeing 777, which was disappeared on 8th March, has solved by a British satellite company using a...