Stock Market in India Telegram Channel Group for Share Tips, Intraday, Swing Trade, Daily Breakout Stocks

Stock Market in India Telegram Channel, Best Telegram Group for Share Market Tips, Intraday Scalping, Daily Breakout Stocks, Swing Trade, Long Investment in India.

Finding the best telegram channel for getting daily tips, tricks, etc seems to be a tough situation because lot of telegram channels are out there which promises 100% success rate for a monthly subscription of anywhere between Rs 300 to Rs 3,00,000. Such a huge amount is not affordable to many retail traders, but those who failed multiple times in trading and lost most of the capital will think about such subscription plans in an aim to recover their losses. So the rate of falling in such mouse traps are common in Share market in India. The stocks tips they provided through telegram channels are totally useless, but they trick their customers by using some conditions in their buy or sell calls. I will highlight some of them below.

  • Editing their past telegram post – Some edit their past telegram post and change the entry and target price of a stock.
  • Intraday Calls with both buy and sell targets – This is not only employed in telegram but also visible in videos of many YouTubers. Suppose the current market price of reliance is Rs 1900. They will tell you like this “If the price of Reliance goes above 2000 then go long or buy and target 100 points and if the price of reliance goes below 1800, then short sell and target 100 points. Keep your stop loss 100 points below your entry if you have taken a long entry (Buy) and keep stop loss above your entry if you conduct a short sell trade.” This is the way some genuine expert are suggesting after a lot of hardworking which may work sometimes, but scammers are making use of these tactics to cheat their customers. Their customers will never come to know about it.
  • Giving a buy call with validity of 1 year or above. Stock market market is always in an uptrend in long run. So lengthy time frame above 1 month cannot be considered as a best buy call.

You can see lot of stock brokers, SEBI registered advisors, Hedge fund managers are giving tips through brokers mobile apps, stock market news websites, share market section in general news websites, telegram channels, whatsapp, SMS, newspapers, television etc with 90% failure. I always feel if I take a counter position to what they are recommending I can win or book profit on that trade. The same thing is been said by Zerodha’s co-founder Nikhil Kammath in an interview with a famous YouTuber.

It doesn’t matter whether they are SEBI registered or not, scammers are scammers.

How to find real breakout stocks to trade from Share Market Telegram Channels & Groups in India ?

Here are the best tips to find real breakout stocks to trade from stock market telegram groups and channels for Indian Share market.

  • Check their unedited calls or telegram post
  • Find telegram channels or advisors that post clear information. Like just buy at a price level or at a particular time or just buy in pre market or after market opens at 9:15pm. Some even advise to buy at swing low or when stock goes negative. If you don’t know what’s swing low, please google search “Swing low in stock market” or “retracement in stock market”. These are clear information about when to enter in any trade.
  • No one in stock market can tell you when to exit. It’s funny to see lot of experts are giving a fixed price as target. This is really dangerous because when the stock market is crashing, the buyer who believed an advisor might be expected that the stock price will soon reaches it’s predefined target price as per the advisor’s buy call or post, the trader will ends in big loss. The best way is to determined as per your logic, experience, market condition, time, graph’s technical details, etc. Try to trail your stop loss when you see a profit. After getting enough experience, you will learn the art of protecting your profit.
  • Check their past calls and know how their calls perform in bull market and bear market. It’s is easy to cheat you in a bull market, because their call will looks like promising because of the market nature. Most of their calls will fail 90% in bear market. However if someone is posting telegram buy calls with better accuracy even in bear market then definitely they are useful right?
  • Check how long it take to attain the target posted by them. If someone can give you calls that will shoot 3 to 30% in 5 days then definitely they are the best in class. It’s very difficult a telegram group or channel with that much accuracy. It’s an unimaginable accuracy that is been ever brought to share market. If it is there, then it might be a cloud software developed using lot of efforts, making using of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Money, Time and passion are involved in the development of such a brilliant software. I believe you need to check the past calls and live calls on a telegram channel name: ShareMarketinIndiaLive and also check the stock market telegram discussion group: ShareMarketinIndia

If the links are not working, open telegram app on your mobile or desktop and search ShareMarketinIndia for group and search ShareMarketinIndiaLive for Channel.

Tips: Try to visit maximum share market in India groups and know yourself which one is the best. Beware of scam groups and channels in Telegram. Do not blindly pay anyone for getting daily stock tips. Always watch free sources for at-least 10 trading days and know how they are performing. Always study yourself before investing. Never blindingly depend upon anyone. Learn stock market before investing. It’s your money, you are the investor, profit is yours and so the loss is also yours. So be careful while investing. If you have any doubts, try to consult your financial advisor before investing.

Best Free Share Market Telegram Channel

The best free Telegram channel for share market in India as per my personal choice is ShareMarketinIndiaLive.

Best Free Stock Market Telegram Group

The best free stock market telegram group as per my choice is ShareMarketinIndia.

Remember, Not all free tips are useless and not all paid premium tips are useful ! Some one can give you something free until unless it hurts himself. So don’t worry to accept freebies. Internet is a place where lot of freebies are available, but one has to find the right source. The telegram group and channel that I mentioned in this article about Indian stock tips are totally free of cost. Just give a try. It doesn’t cost you anything to join and watch it’s daily watchlist. Consult your financial advisor before investing.

Stocks and Share Market in India Image

Stocks and Share Market in India

Disclaimer: We are not SEBI registered. Investment in stock market are subjected to market risks. Please contact your financial advisor before investing.

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