Will The Dam dry the Nile in Egypt

“If they build this dam, there will be no Nile. If there’s no Nile, then there’s no Egypt.Ethiopia is killing us,” taxi driver Ahmed Hossam said

Entire Egypt fears Ethiopia’s dam will restrict the flow of waterway, which is the main source of water in a country where rainfall is scarce.

Egypt has been worried ever since that its annual quota of the Nile water might be reduced and the row started in 2011.

Presently too the different parts of Egypt are already suffering from a shortage of water. The farmers of agricultural heart of Egypt,the northern Nile Delta are waiting with a heavy heart to see if they will be able to cultivate their land next summer.

egypt dam
egypt dam

Hafiza, one of the farmers said “With even less water, we will die. We can’t survive”.

Ethiopia says its hydro-electric dam will not harm either of its downstream countries, Egypt or Sudan. However, Egypt is highly sceptical.

Badr Abdelatty, the foreign minister says “It is a matter of life or death, a national security issue that can never be compromised on”.

Egypt is aware that 30% of the Ethiopian dam is completed and it is unclear what will be Egypt’s next step.

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