Malaysia Needs Help From India : PM Got a Call

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak called up Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to request ‘technical assistance’ to search Malaysian airplane MH370. The search will expanded to the Northern arc and Southern arc, where,Northern arc covers the part of India and Southern arc covers Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. Mr Singh assured “the all assistance to corroborating possible pathways” Flight MH370 may have taken. Indian authorities had mobilised aircrafts and ships to search the waters of the Andaman Sea. The call was at 5.30 pm as per the officials in New Delhi.

helicopter Mr Najib, the PM of Malaysia said that during the phone conversation, singh shared “his concern and anxiety” about the fate of the missing aircraft and the well-being of the passengers, and promised all possible assistance from the concerned Indian authorities

However, Malaysian authorities as well as Mr. Najib suspect that the missing of flight is a ‘deliberate act’ and they suspecting the communication system of the aircraft was deliberately disabled and its transponder switched off before deviating the flight from its air path to save the fuel to flew more.

At the same time,on Sunday, the former US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott mentioned that the all story shows a theory of possible attack as 9/11-type on India.He said “Malaysian plane mystery: Direction, fuel load & range now lead some to suspect hijackers planned a 9/11-type attack on an Indian city.” Talbott added “Malaysian flight 370 as hijack: 1 of many theories. Speculation: hijackers headed toward India but crashed like UA flight 93 on 9/11”,

While, India was waiting fresh instructions from Malaysian authorities and they hold their search operations.

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