12 stitches for Obama after Basketball injury

U.S President Barack Obama was hurt while Playing Basketball and got 12 stitches for a cut in his upper lip. He  injured on Thanks Giving day morning in a match with his family and friends.

Opposition player struck  with his elbow in the president’s lip, who was defending him. Then immediately he was taken to the Doctor’s office in Ground floor of the White house and treated with twelve stitches.

Doctors in the White House Medical Unit did their best to decrease the scar and used a smaller filament than the usual one, which gives a tighter stitch eventually lessening the scar.

After few hours President appeared keeping an icepack on  his mouth.

White House released a statement about this incident after three hours, mentioning that it was the fifth and last game this incident has happened and there is nothing to worry about. White House Officials initially kept mum on who inflicted the wound inadvertently on president, but later revealed that it was Ray Decerega, director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, a nonprofit Organization.

Obama is a sports lover, who plays basket ball often, and had a basketball court installed in White house after he got elected as a President in 2008.

What do you think about this accident? I would like to hear your comments..

Photo of Obama after Basketball injury

Photo of Obama after Basketball injury
Photo of Obama after Basketball injury

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