scamAs you know all dishonest or fraud attempts are called scams. There are different types of scams.  In our day to day life you can see a lot of scams around you. All of you might have been cheated by some one in one way or another, and we all know how it feels. Here in this post I will honestly describe about scams and link to other useful articles about scams. The aim of this post is to make all of you aware about the scams. open your eyes, be aware and kick scams.

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Aims of scams

Each scam has different aim and so we can’t exactly explain clearly about it. But some of the most common aims of scams are taking money from you, money robbery, password theft, marketing, threatening you etc.

In this article you got a simple idea about scams. You may still have doubt about scams and how to stay safe from scams. You can only know about how to stay away from scams only if you read my article about a particular scam. Just go to our article about Types of scams , select a particular type of scam and clear off your doubts[COMING SOON, WITHIN 2month]

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