Get Mig33 Premium Emoticons for free

Mig33 Premium Emoticons

Hello folks, here is a trick to get mig33 premium emoticons for free. There are some special links where you can get free premium emoticons for free and is available for some special users. I have embed those links in an html file and uploaded on FreeZonal. If you want to try this trick, just follow the steps below.

If you have balance in your mig33 account you will lose it after trying this premium trick. So before trying this trick, my advice is to make your mig33 account balance zero(0). So after purchasing this your account balance may go negative, but still you can use this emoticons.

Now sign-in mig33 from your mobile phone. After that just update your status message by copying and pasting the following code.  This can be mostly done successfully in  mig33 version 4.2 or above.

<form action=""&gt;&lt;input value="get emoticons" type="submit"&gt;&lt;/form>

Now just visit your profile. You can see a small radio button in your profile [in recent updates] named get emoticons. Just click on it, you will be diverted a page of FreeZonal within your mig33. Now click on the  emoticons pack for  buy it for free.  Now you can tell your friends to visit your profile and ask them to click on the button and buy the emoticons for free. Enjoy with these smileys!!!..

Please recommend your friends to here and help them to buy this emoticons for free. This offer is for limited period and may close at anytime.  So try your luck.

I recommend not to try any other links offered by someone. Please check whether those links are pointing towards mig33 and only before clicking them.

This trick is not working anymore. After I published this trick, mig33 staffs found out their faults and told me that this was a bug and they fixed it. I have also removed the file uploaded to our website since this is not working anymore.

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16 Comments on "Get Mig33 Premium Emoticons for free"
  1. Comment

    oppsss… after reading thpost This trick has been Blocked by Migg Team, [I think I am not sure] I swa another post regarding this

    1. Replied

      Yeah, it’s not working because mig33 has fixed this bug. After I published this trick, mig33 staffs had find out their fault and fixed it.

  2. Comment

    lolxxxx mig33 has blockd ur tricks… plz tell us the trick for maxi votes from 1 id

  3. Comment

    Wow! Nice trick. But unfortunately its been blocked 🙁 I too think its an offer for special users 😡

  4. Comment

    Yea.i already tried but it’s get wrong I’m feeling very sad:O i just wanna to know more tricks from you guy.. just inform me I’m waiting for that. thanks regards..

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