Download picture from anyone’s mig33 scrapbook in mobile phone

mig33 scrapbook

Now with this mig33 trick, you can Download the picture from anyone’s mig33 scrapbook into your mobile phone. Please do not misuse this trick. Use it wisely and enjoy. Do you know in your opera mini while browsing, you can download pictures of the current page by taking Menu>,tools>info page>download. Same method we are using here for downloading mig33 scrapbook pictures.

Follow the steps to do this…

  1. use operamini in your mobile phone
  2. log in via
  3. view the profile or scrapbook of user
  4. for downloading pictures from it, in opera-mini take menu >>tools >>info page >>download
  5. there is many picture that will download
  6. if you directly download it, you will get picture with small size
  7. to get picture with original size, the method by edit the link opera, by the way =>choose menu=>insert the link
  8. there you will see picture link, example: and then delete back link so will be like this or

Same method you can download pictures from your scrapbook directly into your mobile phone. Enjoy this Mig33 scrapbook  trick.

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This tricks of “Download picture from anyone’s mig33 scrapbook in mobile phone” is contributed by one of my Indonesian friend. Many many thanks to him.

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16 Comments on "Download picture from anyone’s mig33 scrapbook in mobile phone"
  1. Comment

    i just want to ask,why in my mig33 profile can’t open my photo?. so i cnt see all my picture. can u tell me why?

  2. Comment

    Re:@ ayum83 and Hassam,
    I request you to be patient, I need to inspect on your issues and will contact you soon with the best solutions.

  3. Comment

    In the wap site how can i visit anyone’s profile who is not my friend. By this trick i can download only my friends’ pictures. But i want to download the profile picture of anyone who is not my friend. But i cant do it as i cant search for a profile of anyone who is not my friend in the wap site.

  4. Comment

    Hi friends..the trick to download picture is working but i was getting it in small size..i need to download is in big size help me people…as quick as possible….

  5. Comment

    hi friends. i just want to know.. is it possible to see others mig33 scrapbook though if they putted as “Myself”? if no then please let me know how its possible locked scrapbook? and can we delete their picture from their mig33 scrapbook too? if no, then how it will possible please tell me…

  6. Comment

    Miraj don’t worry about that. just try this trick.. u just visit your friends mig33 scrapbook first. now you can see your friend’s id on the task-bar. now you can type your desire user id on the taskbar instead of your friend’s id. then press enter. i hope you got the answer bro 😉
    visit my site www. dj_rockstarz .tk

  7. Comment

    sory i cant download the pic from mig to my phone like the way is there can i have your indonesian friend id ?plz or just help me wich other way i can do it plz

  8. Comment

    haha.. old but nice u can download anyone’s pictures from this trick. so guys never put your real picture in nick. it can be hack anytime. i mean it can be download by anyone…!

  9. Comment

    Hi, how are you.? I have seen someone who enter in any room with 30 or more than 30 id. he said that he had 160id. how can i open more mig33 ids?

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