All Mig33 Emotes Command List

Mig33 Emote commandsI have listed all available and latest free Mig33 Emotes Command Lists in this page. Just get it for free and enjoy Mig33 ultimate emote command fun in Mig33 chat rooms, private and in groups. Most of the Mig33 emote commands listed were actually published on 2008-2009, but still on 2010 all these mig33 emote commands are working and I’ve added some new emote commands with them too. You can send any of the following emotes in mig33 chat! An emote is a short text command that allows you to fully express yourself. It’s a very stylish and modern trick to be smart in mig33 chat with by using these emote commands.

You can simply send these emote commands to anyone in private or in room and also you can add a mig33 username alone with emote commands. For using emote commands with a username, the format is /emote username , where emote is anyone given below and username is the mig33 username present in chat room/private/group. For example, if your name is X and your friend name is Y, then if you send /cry Y , the generated message will be like this **X is crying over Y’s shoulder**

Mig33 Emotes


Mig33 Olympic Games 2008 Emotes


Mig33 Football Emote commands

Here is the list of Football emote commands. Just send this in room or in some one’s private and see. If you want a username to display with this try to send like this format /kick username, where username is the id that you are private or who is in room or in any group chat.


The mig33 emote command /offside should be use only in group chat or in someone’s private and mig33 emote command /handball should be use alone with a mig33 username.

Mig33 Custom Emote commands

You can send any of your message in RED color. For that just type /me before your message. For example, My name is X if i type /me going to kick, it will come in screen as X going to kick. Now just type any thing like this and enjoy. Cheers.. This is one way to make all users listen to what you saying, because you message is in red color.

Mig33 Fortune emote command

mig33 has developed a new emote command which you can send, but the message displayed will be random(different messages will come in each time)and in RED color with symbol ** on either sides. Also your name will not be displayed in eralier days, due to excessive abuse of this in the form of flooding in mig33 chat rooms, mig33 staffs have made some updates and thereby your username will be visible to all if you use it now. The emote command for this is /fortune . You can see amazing different messages displayed each time you send it.

Mig33 Random Emote Command

Mig33 has developed new emote command in which message is in red color. Your username won’t be attached to the message in earlier days, but now they made some update and so your username also will be visible with the message. This emote command for this is /8ball

You can download these free mig33 latest emote commands to your pc or to your mobile just by copy and past it in a text file and can use it at any time in mig33 later. If you have any doubts about Mig33 emote commands and it’s usage, feel free to ask it through the comment form given below. Enjoy !…..

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