Most Popular Facebook Profile that you might have missed to add as a Friend

Here is the Most Popular Facebook Profile that you might have missed to add as your friend in your Facebook. Do you know why the below profile is the most popular facebook profile ever ? I will tell the reason, but you may visit the profile first.

Image of Most Popular Facebook Profile

I strongly recommend you to turn on your speakers or headphone before visiting the profile so that you should not miss any instruction given there. Click the link below to visit the facebook profile and add as your Friend. Do not forget to add the person as your friend. Once you add the person come back to this website and share this article with your friends and have fun

Profile Link


If you can’t add the person, your internet connection might be slow. Try the following tips.

  1. Connect your speakers/headphone to the computer or device
  2. Increase it’s sound volume
  3. Use FireFox Desktop Browser and click on enable flash for it.
  4. Reload the profile page
  5. Wait for till the page completely loads (1 to 5 minutes depending on your net connection speed)
  6. Try to add the person by clicking on the “Add as Friend” button
  7. If not success, do it again and again… (5 to 20 times depending upon device performance)
  8. Come back to this page and click Facebook like button and share this page to your wall.

Note to facebook users

By sharing this page to your facebook wall will let all your friends to enjoy this fun through you. So do not forget to share this, if you really want to entertain your facebook friends.

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