Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is thinking about Kids, not Marriage

The bachelor and superstar of Bollywood, Salman Khan is thinking about Kids, not Marriage.

The most awaited event that Salman’s fans are looking in his life is his marriage. But unfortunately it seems like he does not want to marry, but would like to have children.

Image of Salman Khan with Children

Salman Khan with children
Salman Khan with cancer patient children of Hinduja Hospital

In a press conference on a virtual social networking platform known as Google hangout and interacted with the media for about 40 minutes, the 47 years old Bollywood actor Salman Khan said

“I don’t know about marriage, but if there is any way to have kids without getting married, I am interested in that. I am still trying to find a way to do that,”

“I am not tech-savvy but I realize the importance of interacting with my fans through this new medium. There are people around me who are helping me get used to this medium.”

“I won’t talk about my films in my webpage. I am looking at building a community online through which my fans will help each other in their times of need.”

“I am currently looking for my most Dabangg fan, that person will manage my page. And if this online community doesn’t shape up the way I want it to, and my fans are not benefited by being part of it, then I will exit the social networking medium.”

This means he loves children a lot. So can we except Salman to adopt a child or trying another way to have children without marriage in near future or so? What do you think? We like to hear your comments about it. So post it below 🙂

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