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Google celebrated the 96th birthday of world famous American jazz and country guitarist, Les Paul on June 09, 2011 by displaying an online Guitar as logo (doodle) on their official search engine website. Most of you might have seen and enjoyed playing that online guitar of Google.

According to many online users, it was the best Google’s logo (Google doodle) that they ever seen. Most of my friends have asked me to provide a provision for playing it online somewhere because they really became an addict of that Google’s online guitar. So I created this page with that Google’s guitar online.

Play Google Doodle Guitar

Below you can play Google Guitar online again free. It has been de-activated by our team on 2015, but due to large number of requests from our website visitors, we have re-enabled the guitar file so that they can play and have fun ๐Ÿ˜€

Click here to Play Google Guitar

Simple Notes to Play Google Guitar

Happy Birthday Notes

112143 112154 1186432 776454 112143 112154 1186432 776454

Amazing Grace Notes

257657 7532 257657 69 797657 6532 25765765

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Notes

11556654433221 55443325544332 11(45)(45)54433221

Pirates Of The Caribbean Notes




How to play online Google Guitar Chords?

To play the Google guitar, click on the guitar image above, then move your mouse over the string of that guitar. Make sure that sound is turned on and is maximum in your Desktop/Laptop.

To play with your keyboard keys, just click on the black colored small key board image button given below the image above. Now it will turn red color. Then press the keys in your keyword for testing the sound.

Google Doodle Guitar Notes Cheat Sheet Image

Here is a Google Guitar doodle cheat sheet that helps you to understand what notes are there on this online guitar.

google doodle guitar
google doodle guitar notes cheat sheet

Can’t play Guitar or Google’s Guitar Doodle not working?

Hmm, this is because of many reasons.. Try anyone or all of the solutions given below..

  • Click on the red or black colored keyboard button below the image for some time till it reach red again
  • Try to log in this page from PC, if you are browsing from mobile
  • Update your web browser to latest mozilla firefox or google chrome or opera version or Safari.
  • Report the bug / issue to me through the comment box given below
  • Install adobe flash in your computer and exit browser and visit this page again.

Share Google Online Guitar Page

Enjoyed? What’s next? Share the link of this page or recommend your friends to this page and let them play this awesome Google’s guitar online. Thanks for playing the guitar on our website.

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    Its an awesome application… i liked it much…. keep it up pratish….. ๐Ÿ™‚

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