Orkut Virus afci005.html

Most of Orkut users are now infected by a new Orkut Virus afci005.html and is seriously disturbing them. To prevent the trouble of Orkut Virus afci005.html , I recommend you to read this article carefully.

Some days ago ( around the end of October 2010), most of the Orkut users faced a serious problem while using Orkut. A new practice of intrusion has been detected on Orkut in which the Orkut pages are being re-directed to some fake Orkut login pages made on some dangerous third party websites. Also users are getting a file named afci005.HTML to download in their web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, IE etc.

The re-directed new Orkut page in third party website will exactly look like Orkut login page. If poor Orkut users will enter their username and password by thinking that it’s the original orkut login page, their username and password will be send to some hacker and later their account will be hacked. This is actually called Orkut Phising.

What is afci005.html

afci005.html is actually a Trojan program “Trojan.JS.Redirector.ar”. By analyzing the source code of afci005.html, I came to know that it’s a dangerous Javascript which is created for attacking the Google’s Adsense advertising program.

How to fix afci005.html?

Most of the experts are recommending to scan and fix virus issues in your PC, but I’m sure this is not going to help you. This is because the virus script is not acting from your PC, but it’s from Orkut server. So only Orkut team can fix this.

To be safe, the best thing is not to use orkut communities for some days untill orkut team fix this bug. Also if You are the Owner of any Orkut community, Edit your community and select only the Owners and Moderators can create new forum topics and then click Update. This is to prevent the posting of this virus script by some one on your community. It seems this Orkut Virus afci005.html issue is only with the Older Version of Orkut, so try to use only the new version of Orkut. Also you can safely browse orkut from the mobile version of orkut:  m.orkut.com

Note: After login orkut by using the new version of Orkut, try to remove any newly installed Orkut application that you have suspected to be installed automatically without your permission.

Update: We heard that the orkut team has already fixed only the re-direction issue, but not the afci005.html file download issue . Please check back us to know latest updates about this new Orkut issue.

Image of Orkut Virus afci005.html

orkut virus afci005.html trojan
orkut virus afci005.html trojan

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5 Comments on "Orkut Virus afci005.html"
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    And also, you are right. the best solution is to avoid using Orkut but PC scan is recommended because few users found malware warning flagged by AVs on their PC 😀

  2. Comment

    Please take a look here for more information..

  3. Comment

    I had the same problem as you my friend I managed to solve the following way enter the firefox has the top menu and go into tools – accessories – add

    – Adblock plus

    – Amplify

    and always upgrade the drawing of the blue circle with an arrow going to the right side and down near the house knows what it means home

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    ——————————————————-HERE’S THE SOLUTION————————————————————–

    Dear Friends,

    Most of orkutians are suffering from the problem of ORKUT VIRUS afci005.html.

    I have read that google or orkut has not yet released any statements regarding the issue. Some of them are saying that this virus is creating problem only in the older version of orkut, not in the new version. There are people who claims that orkut (google) it self spread this virus so that people should turn to the new version of orkut, because new version has gone into the category of flop list.

    i don’t know its true or just a rumour.

    anyhow, i found the solution for this problem, which worked for me.

    Here’s SOLUTION FOR ORKUT VIRUS afci005.html

    I think this virus troubles only in Mozilla firefox. I tried in IE but didn’t face it there. For Mozillla firefox users here’s solution:


    Tools > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > search for “Blocksite” and install it.

    After installing, hit “options” and add the below address in blacklist.


    Please reply does this helps you out ???

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