New Orkut Virus Bom Sabado Hacked Orkut User Accounts

Hello folks, there is a New Orkut Virus Bom Sabado Hacked Orkut User Accounts today. Most of the Orkut users whose account were hacked by this Virus are frustrated and don’t know what to do next.

Many of such Orkut users contact me today through phone seeking help to get trid of this new Orkut virus. Since I was away from my home, I couldn’t write up about how to stay safe from this Virus popularly know as “Bom Sabado“.

Orkut Virus Bom Sabado Hacked Scrapbook

Some of the users have got some idea about this from Google Search. If the following paragraphs didn’t help you to under stand about this New Orkut Virus Bom Sabado, feel free to ask me through comments.

What is Bom Sabado?

In Portuguese language Bom Sabado means ‘Good Saturday’. But it was really a very bad Saturday for most of the Orkut users as this Bom Sabado virus hacked the user accounts of many Orkut users, mostly of India and Brazil. Portuguese is the also the official language of Brazil. So the Virus was mostly targeted on Brazilian users.

How Bom Sabado virus attacked or Hacked Orukt users?

Orkut users affected by Bom Sabado virus are automatically posting virus scraps on the other orkut users’ scrapbook and also adding them to new Orkut groups. Within a short period of time this virus was spread to the accounts of many Orkut users. You don’t need to click any links to be infected by this Virus, but a near watching of an infected orkut profile or scrapbook with Bom Sabado virus is more than enough to get your account hacked.

What to do if my Orkut account has been hacked by Bom Sabado Virus?

If you found that your Orkut account has been hacked,

  1. Don’t get panic!
  2. Do not login Orkut from PC at this time.
  3. Clear cache, cookies and history from web browser
  4. Login Orkut by visiting only from your mobile phone.
  5. Revert your theme/style back to the old Orkut layout
  6. Delete all the scraps with the message ‘Bom Sabado’
  7. Un-join from Brazilian communities if you have any doubts on them.
  8. Change your Orkut account password
  9. Logout from Orkut
  10. Have a coffee and relax

How to stay safe from Bom Sabado Orkut Virus?

  1. The best thing to be stay safe from this new orkut virus Bom Sabado is not to login orkut, till Orkut team has fixed this security loophole.
  2. Do not tell your friends to login orkut till Orkut team has fixed this.
  3. Spread this article to all your Orkut friends through email, facebook, twitter etc and help them to be stay safe from this new Orkut vulnerability.
  4. Share/Bookmark this page and visit this page for further updates on this issue.

This is the second major XSS (cross-site scripting) attack on social networking websites. Few days back, the largest XSS attack was there on twitter popularly known as OnMouseOver Twitter Attack which hacked the accounts of many twitter users.

Update: Orkut staffs have already fixed this security loophole! Now you can browse and enjoy Orkut as usual as before from any Web browsers or mobile browsers. Happy Orkutting!

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9 Comments on "New Orkut Virus Bom Sabado Hacked Orkut User Accounts"
  1. Comment

    Reply @ Nik

    Hi Nik, The virus Bom Sabado never hack your password, but it just send scraps contain the message “Bom Sabado” to others account and automatically make you to join in some communities.

    Reply @ Sarath,

    Hi Sarath, if you could find any orkut scrapbooks contain a message “Bom Sabado”, you can confirm both your account and the other user’s account has been hacked by this virus. It won’t hack password.

    Hello all, please know that hereafter all of you don’t need to worry about Bom Sabado Virus. Because Orkut team has already fixed this issue. So don’t worry about the attack of this virus or think that your orkut account is hacked. Just login Orkut as usual as before and enjoy the unlimited entertainment world in Orkut.

    Verified UserAuthorTrusted
  2. Comment

    Someone hacked my orkut password and misusing my account he changed my sequerity question also please help me how can i got my password again

  3. Comment

    Please help me soon as possible. because he is misusing my account very much tell me how can i got back my account …

  4. Comment

    my orkut privacy settings does not change and i cannot send friend request to others this problem is after my scrapbook has received bom sobado scraps and joined some communities automatically

  5. Comment

    Hi I’m jayanandh from chennai
    I received one scrap from somebody that message was new orkut login.
    i clicked that page after that it show some password details unfortunately i closed that page after that i’m trying to login i couldn’t please help me to login again.

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