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This is an informative article about the most discussed topic in India, Ayodhya Verdict. Most of the people in India know what is Ayodhya Verdict. But many people are searching on internet to get the latest updates about Ayodhya Verdict. Today, Ayodhya Verdict was the most trending topic on a micro-blogging platform, Twitter. Also this was the most trending topic in Google search engine in India.

Prayer for Ayodhya VerdictThe meaning of Verdict is the findings of a jury on the issues of fact submitted to it for examination and trial; judgment. Today, 30th September 2010, Tuesday is the Ayodhya Judgment Day. Each and every people of India are awaiting for the results at this moment. All people are trying to get the immediate result of it by watching Televisions, Searching on Google and Twitter etc. I never seen such a trending topics in Twitter ever like this. All Twitter users are tweeting about their views Ayodhya Verdict. All tweets are calm and quite at the moment.

At present Hundreds of scribes gather outside the Allahabad High Court. A tight security has made around the court and most of the places in North India. No one is allowed to enter in the boundary of the Allahabad High Court. The security will be more tightened after Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court gives its verdict.

We are watching for the latest updates and will update this post soon!

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