A blog or a web blog is a type of website maintained by an individual or group or a company where  they can add day to day entries and publish it very easily without using more html/php knowledge. There might be a feature for other people to comment on it. In simple, a blog is an online diary of a group or an individual. According to me, a blog is Your public diary.

All blogs are made using a some blog scripts like WordPress and can be easily installed on a local or remote server and should be easy in management. Most of the blog software are open source (free to use, modify and distribute). Now a days, thousands of features are available on blogging platforms like WordPress and is so flexible that can be converted into any type of websites. Also there are many free blog hosting companies available where people can set up their blog and publish it in seconds.

Initially, blogs were used by individuals as their personal websites, but later world famous companies also started using it. The simplicity in management makes blogs so popular among people. Many people are interested in publishing their activities to the world through internet and blogs makes them a way to do it.

In this modern world even a small kid is having his own personal blog where he enters his day to day activities as daily posts. As we know all people are very interested in reading the stories of other people, even that kid may be having 1000’s of daily visitors to his blog.

On blogs, there will be monthly archives where you can all post entries of a particular month. Also there will be daily, weekly, yearly archives in many blogging platforms. These archives will help to dig out the activities of a person, company or a group on a particular day, week, month or an year.

Once I was having many doubt about blogs. My main doubt was What is a blog?. I searched on my favourite search engine Google and landed on many websites. But I thought that blogs are using only for personal entries. But later when I start using blogs, I realise the real power of blogs in spreading News like forest fire.

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