Free High PageRank DoFollow Social Bookmarking websites

Here you can get some exclusive, best, top and Free High PageRank DoFollow Social Bookmarking websites list of 2010 for bookmarking your website contents and there by get huge traffic and backlinks to your website in minutes.This is the latest list of High PG dofollow social bookmarking sites.

I have given Alexa rank of each websites in their brackets. The Google PageRank and Alex rank given for the list below is true and is last checked, verified and updated on 3rd, May, 2010. You probably do not know the details given about these social bookmarking websites in most of the websites are outdated, but here I’m always maintaining and updating the latest High PG bookmarking websites list always.

Tips for easy Social Bookmarking

As you know it’s very difficult to do bookmarking your website pages in all those selected dofollow high page rank social bookmarking sites. And in most of the bookmarking tools, these websites are not listed or it’s very difficult to search it from a big list. So for bookmarking my website pages in these websites, I just open this page and open all the links listed in this page by doing CONTROL + LEFT MOUSE CLICK on these links in mozilla firefox. In all these sites, my password is stored in FireFox and so i just need one click to login. Now i just copy the URL of the page that need to do bookmarking in these dofollow websites and just paste it in the form given on it and submit it. Very simple trick or tip to do bookmarking your contents or websites easily on high pagerank dofollow social bookmarking websites.

Do you have a High PageRank Bookmarking website and need to include here?, Just comment here or contact me for adding your social bookmarking website for free.

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  1. Here’s another one for your list
    We’re oriented towards the car and electronics industry. We do NOT use the nofollow HTML tag.

  2. Thanks for the great information. I will use this to better assist my clients in gaining a high PR for their sites.

    Chris Lowe

  3. Well your work really needs appreciation as purely social bookmarking sites are very difficult to find because most of the times we end finding the story publishing sites. Thanks for providing me a list of these sites.

  4. Thank you for sharing. It is also helpful for me because i found high pr dofollow bookmarking sites.

    Thanks & Regards
    Smita Dey

  5. Nice list, just check this new Dofollow social bookmarking list your site here definitely you get good Dofollow backlinks from google.

  6. this is a nice list,i just tried some of the websites and it’s really simple to join and post..It is also helpful for me because i found high pr dofollow bookmarking sites.

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