Open Source CMS Award

open source cms award

Open Source Content Management (CMS) Award is an award scheme launched by Packt in July 2006 to encourage, support and recognize the best open source content management system CMS and reward them. This award scheme is conducted on every year and have been selected by a group of judges who are experts in CMS and selected by calculating the visitors vote on the website. Here I gave most of the information about Open Source CMS Award.

Each CMS is struggling to get this award since, they believe that this is the best award that they can get and it’s more than anything else to make them popular.  This is really a kind of fortune for them. People search and select only the free and the best CMS. So if any CMS get this award, all webmasters will select that CMS for their website. Also many existing webmasters will migrate from old CMS to new one even though it’s a very though job.

Open source CMS Awards are divided as follows

  1. Overall Best Open Source CMS Award
  2. Inaugural Hall of Fame Award
  3. Most Promising Open Source CMS Category
  4. Best Open Source PHP CMS Category
  5. Best Other Open Source CMS Category

Awards rules changes every year.

Official website of Packt is

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