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Hello, dear readers! is back after a short break, and I want to thank you for your patience. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused during the rebuilding of my website, FreeZonal. We’ve made some significant improvements, moving to the most powerful and best blogging platform with a simple and attractive design. I’ll do my best to avoid further platform changes.

FreeZonal old logo
FreeZonal old logo

Web Hosting Upgrade

We’ve upgraded our web hosting from a free service to a professional one that can handle high traffic.

New Content Management System (CMS)

Our website has transitioned from a complex and highly customised platform to a simpler blogging platform for easier management. This new blog software is very easy for me to manage than the highly customised earlier CMS software. Quality content tends to generate better ad revenue on a simpler platform than on a complex one.

Previously, our website offered features like classified ad posting, groups, social media profiles, community forums, a downloads section, a blog, web bookmarks, and much more. Few websites had as many features as we did. Unfortunately, maintaining such a large platform required significant ad revenue since we relied solely on ads. Therefore, I had to switch to a simpler blog-like platform, even though our users loved our content.

Now the new website design helps users to navigate easily on any computer device.

With the rapid growth of technology, many new tech news websites have emerged, but they face challenges online. Some of these websites spread incorrect information and mislead their visitors. Nowadays, people can’t always trust online resources because there are thousands of scam websites. Even some well-known tech websites unintentionally publish content from other scam websites, causing confusion and harm to their readers.

The need for a trustworthy website that provides reliable information is crucial. FreeZonal aims to meet this need. Today, FreeZonal is back online, offering powerful and up-to-date free tricks, tips, news, information, and tech news that you can rely on.


Update: This article was updated to add some more contents: For more information about me and FreeZonal, please visit our About page.


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