Charlie Chaplin

You may not identify the person who is in this picture. He is the one who created thoughtful activities in smiling crackers. He was an English comedian actor, director, filmmaker, musician, composer. He worked around 75 years in film industry and contribute a lot for the cinema entertainment world. He is Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was born on 16 April 1889, in East Street, Walworth, London, England. His parents were both entertainers in the music hall tradition. He learned to sing from his parents. His childhood was so miserable. He sang and did comedies in streets for collecting money for food. He grown from the streets to mid Classical Hollywood era of American cinema only through his dedication to work. There are many things to say about Charlie Chaplin. History of Charlie Chaplin really can’t be explained in an article.Can you believe this?

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