Weird history of Bikini

Do you ever think about the real history of Bikini? I know you never think about it. In reality bikini has a weird history that you don’t even believe, but it is quite interested than you expected. I said this story to many of my friends, but no one believed it. However I feel to share this story with my FreeZonal readers. I got this information through many medias. I know some of you may be very much excited to read about the history of Bikinis. Here I have provided a clear information about the history of Bikinis.

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About Bikini

Bikini is a swimsuit for women which is often worn in hot weather or while swimming. Bikini is also called two piece since it has only two parts, one covering the breasts, the other the groin (and optionally the buttocks). It resemble Women’s underwear, but much more sexier than it.

History of Bikini

The history of the bikini is a checkered one. Years ago, archaeologists discovered Minoan wall paintings from 1600 B.C. and Roman mosaics from 300 A.D. that depict the bikini. Six years after the introduction of the bikini to the modern world, one Italian archaeologist was stunned to uncover wall paintings in the gymnasium of a traditional Sicilian villa that portray eight female gymnasts in diaper-like panties and strapless, bandeau-style tops. Clearly, the history of the bikini begins much earlier than 1946. Still, it is the explosive, modern debut of the bikini in the year 1946 and subsequent modifications of the bikini that truly define the popular two-piece swimsuit.

Bikini was designed by Louis Reard (ray-YARD). He called his brand new product as “Smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit.” He was sure that his new product would stir the masses. But he needed an exotic, bold, and eye opening name for it. Four days before he was to show the world his new bikini in Paris, the U.S. Military provided him with a name. They exploded a nuclear device near several small islands in the Pacific known as the “Bikini Atoll”. On July 5th, 1945, he unveiled the bikini. Athough he would later claim he named the bikini after the islands and not the atomic blast, he was clearly taking advantage of a “hot topic”. Another Frenchmen, Jacques Heim, had created his own two piece bathing suit, which he called “The Atome”, and he described it as “The world’s smallest bathing suit. Atomic Bomb is the last thing right? Like that the last thing on a woman is Bikini. The first worn bikini model girl got more than 50,000 letters.

The bikini is perhaps the most popular female beachwear around the globe. By the mid 2000s bikinis had become a US$811 million business annually, according to the NPD Group, a consumer and retail information company. The bikini became a symbol of female expression, says American writer  and former model Kelly Killoren Bensimon. French fashion historian Olivier Saillard argues that the bikini imposed itself due to “the power of women, and not the power of fashion”.  However, as the sexual revolution in the 1960s took hold, so did the bikini – except in Catholic countries, that is, where it was banned.

Bikini is not good for everyone especially for fat girls/women.But there are a lot of fat women who wearing Bikinis. Bikinis are most commonly used by lean girls.

Different Bikini Styles

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The different styles of Bikini are  • String Bikini • Tankini • Bandini • Monokini • Thong Bikini • Halter Bikini • Bikini Bottoms.

Bikini in India

In India, Bikinis were not much popular till 2000. But recently due to the extensive influence of western civilization and Cinema actress, Bikinis are becoming popular among people. In Indian cinema Bikinis are now common. Before Heroines refuse to wear bikinis, but now they are coming forward for the bikini shots to become more sexy and popular.

Now a days on internet especially mobile sites, you can see ads like “unlimited collections of hot bikini girls”, “browse hot and sex bikini babes”, “bikini divas”, “free bikini girls collections”, “free bikini wallpapers” etc. I heard a lot of hits are getting on these websites. So a lot of models photographs are available in bikini suits. On our day today life we can see a lot of advertisements on Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Weeklies, Banners, Posters etc where girls are in Bikinis.

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