Neerattupuram is a small, beautiful place at Thalavady Village of Kuttanad Taluk, Alappuzha district, Kerala (India). Today Neerattupuram is pronounced as Neerettupuram. It is also written as Neerettupuram in many places. But still, officially the place is written as called Neerattupuram.

Neerattupuram was not much popular till the 20th century. At the beginning of 21st century, a temple in Neerattupuram, Sri Chakkulathukavu Devi Temple becomes so popular and thereby the place is now known to the world as Chakkulathukavu. Now the people outside Neerattupuram do not know that the place’s real name is Neerattupuram, but the place is known to them as Chakkulathukavu.

Neerattupuram Pincode

Pincode of neerattupuram is 689571.

Quick info about Neerattupuram

  • Type: Village
  • Native name: Neerattupuram
  • Other name: Neerettupuram
  • District: Alappuzha
  • State: Kerala
  • Country: India
  • Nearest City: Thiruvalla
  • STD code: 0477
  • Area Telephone: 221-xxxx
  • Postal Code / Pincode of Neerattupuram: 689571
  • Vehicle code range: KL-04
  • Religions: Hindus , Christians

Photograph of Neerattupuram

Neerattupuram Paddy Field
Neerattupuram Paddy Field

Location of Neerattupuram

Neerattupuram is located at Thalavady Village of Kuttanad Taluk in Alappuzha district, Kerala (India). Neerattupuram is just 10 km away from Thiruvalla Railway Station and 28 km away from Alappuzha Railway Station. It’s exactly situated at the border of Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts. A medium-sized bridge in Neerattupuram divides Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts. A significant portion of the land is located on the bank of the joint ventures of Pampa and Manimala rivers. Many tourists are coming here through this river from Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, etc.

History of Neerattupuram

The land has many historical backgrounds. We are studying the history of this area and will publish here as soon as the final report of our research is ready.

Name History of Neerattupuram

There are many stories behind the name of Neerattupuram. However, the most of the people believed that the name came from two Malayalam words Neerattu which means bathing and Puram which means Place. In ancient times the people called places and houses according to the landmarks or features of that Place or land. At that time people around this area used to come to the bank of the Neerattupuram river for using water, especially for bathing. Neerattupuram was the only safe and most convenient place nearby to use the water from the river for various purposes. So this place is called as Neerattu Puram because in Malayalam “Neerattu” means Bathing and “Puram” means Place. Though its name is Neerattupuram, people now pronounce it as Neerettupuram, but still, people write the place name as Neerattupuram in English.

Religions of Neerattupuram

The majority of the classes of people here are Hindus. Here there is a good relation between Hindus and Christians. The people here celebrate all religious festivals together.

Main Centre of Neerattupuram

The main centre of Neerattupuram is now near Chakkulathukavu Devi Temple & Srambical House with lots of shops and buildings. Before that, it was near M.R. Stores which was a wholesale and retail store of more than 60 years of old, but now permanently closed. The old market was bigger than the existed one and people around Neerattupuram (even up to 10kms) used to come here for purchasing everything. Now there are many shops in each and every corner of places nearby Neerattupuram.

Shops, Business & Services in Neerattupuram

Climate of Neerattupuram

Blessed with a moderate climate, the South-west monsoon influences Neerattupuram.

  • March – May: Extreme hot climate
  • June – August: Heavy Rainy Season
  • September – October: Moderate Season
  • November: Rain with cold climate
  • December: Cold weather with tiny rainfall
  • January: Cold weather with no rainfall
  • February: Intermediate climate with little rainfall mostly at evening & night

Mostly during June month, due to heavy rains, the river in Neerattupuram will flood, and almost all places will be under water. It’s breathtaking to see the river is flooding and the climate will be so cold due to extreme rain and flood, but the people here will suffer a lot on these days.

Culture and Festivals in Neerattupuram

The majority of people of Neerattupuram has a traditional culture. Men follow the traditional culture of wearing Mundu or Lungi as bottom dress and shirt or t-shirt as the top dress. Women wear Saari, and young girls wear Dhavani or Churidars. On festival occasions, men wear Mundu, and white shirt or Jubba and women wear Milky coloured Set Saree. Onam is the most common festival for all people here. Mostly December to February is the festival month of Chakkulathukavu Devi temple. Karthikapongala, a unique function conducted in Chakkulathukavu Devi temple on Karthika day of Virchikamasam (mostly November-December) of Malayalam month is very famous here, and people all over South India come here for participating in this festival.

Sports in Neerattupuram

The leading sports club of Neerattupuram is Friends Sports and Arts Club.
The most notable sports activity conducted here is Neerattupuram Pampa Boat Race.

Lodging in Neerattupuram

There are many tourist homes or lodges in Neerattupuram. The main among them are

  • M.R. Tourist Home [Permanently Closed] ★★★★★
  • Chakkulathamma Lodge & Auditorium [Run by Chakkulathukavu Temple Trust] ★★★★✩
  • Chakkulam Lodge [Run by Private Party & not by Temple Trust]
  • Vattapparampan Lodge

MR Tourist Home was the best tourist home here. It was on the bank of Pampa-Manimala River. Unfortunately, it has been permanently closed. Chakkulathamma Auditorium is the only auditorium available here for marriage functions and other functions. All these lodges are near to the Chakkulathukavu Devi Temple.

Schools in Neerattupuram

There are two schools in Neerattupuram.

  1. St Thomas English Medium Higher Secondary School Neerattupuram – English Syllabus [L.K.G, U.K.G, High School, Higher Secondary School standards]. Check reviews of St Thomas School.
  2. T.M.T higher high school Neerattupuram – Malayalam Medium [1-10 standards]

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  1. Once i came to Neerattupuram for a football tournament. I don’t remember the exact ground name or club that conducted that Tournament. I like this place

    1. I think, you came in TMT school ground at Neerattupuram. Here annually football tournaments are conducted by us. I was very actively engaged in football matches conducted there during my school days. 🙂

      1. Yes, he came in Neerattupuram TMT school ground which is at the back of St. Thomas EMHS Neerattupuram because that ground is the only ground in Neerattupuram which is good for tournaments.

  2. Neerattupuram is the Village which I had spent my College Days and real good memories of the olden days are still Haunting me even now. The Place is famous for the Pampa Boat Race which has been held on every Thiruvonam Day and all people from every religion is celebrating the Onam as part of this boat race. Lot of sight seeing avenues are in Neerattupuram and around and the excellance of the young dames in the traditional dress Pavada and Blouses during the Onam and the Boat Race venues are excellent experience you will cherish all your life long.

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    Sudhir Neerattupuram

  4. In neerattupuram a famous hotel Gokulam.veg&nonveg available here. very tasty and delesious foods. The restorent owner mr sreeni.[ashaan]

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