St Thomas English Medium Higher Secondary School Neerattupuram

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St Thomas English Medium Higher Secondary School is an English medium higher secondary school located in the south of Neerattupuram, a place in Thalavady Village, Alappuzha district of Kerala (Indian state).


St Thomas English Medium school is one of the two schools in Neerattupuram. This school has 1.5 acre land with buildings in 4 corners centred by a small ground, an outer building and small playground. This school is managed by Marthoma church.

St Thomas School Contact Details

  • Address: St Thomas EMHSS Neerattupuram, Thalavady, Kerala 689571.
  • Phone: 0477 221 9573
    International:  +914772219573


What is the contact number of St Thomas School in Neerattupuram?+
What is the history and ownership of St. Thomas English Medium Higher Secondary School?+
What type of library facilities does the school offer?+
Are there digital learning facilities available at the school?+
What is the campus environment like at St. Thomas School?+
Does the school provide transportation facilities?+
How has the school performed academically in recent years?+
Does the school conduct competitive and scholarship exams?+
What is the school’s motto and its significance?+
What special events and celebrations are part of the school calendar?+
How can interested individuals contact St. Thomas School for consultations or inquiries?+
What educational programmes does St Thomas English Medium Higher Secondary School offer?+
How does the school support students’ extracurricular interests?+
What are the qualifications of the teaching staff at St Thomas School?+
How does the school incorporate technology into learning?+
What are the admission procedures for new students?+

If you have any question about the school, teachers or it’s management, feel free to use the comment section below.

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    When you talk about St. Thomas English Medium School, It is always better to remember the people who had spent their sweat and hard-work to bring this school in today’s form. Two Eminent persons are actually behind the starting of this school. They were Mr. C. M. Mathew, (Paappachen) of Chackalayil Vaalenparambil and Mr. A.C. Koshy( Podiyachen) of Ambrayil. It is actually these two had started and nourished the school in it’s budding stage by preserving it at Atthimoottil Kudumbathu House and slowly acquired the present land of the school and brought it to today’s form. It is actually their true motive and vision has built this school, even-though none of their children had studied in this school. As Far this school is considered Mr. C. M. Mathew’s and Mr. A.C. Koshy’s name should be written in Golden Letters for their initial Honorable service rendered in starting this English Medium School in our remote village about two decades ago.

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    Re:@ Kiran, Jinta and Dheepa, thanks for your comments.

    Re:@ Suresh, thanks for your another excellent comment !

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    Glad to seen an article about my favourite school. Thanks a lot for writing about my school.

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    I love st. thomas school ever and ever. In my life st.thomas is my dream place forever. St.thomas is the beautiful place in my life

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