Nimbuzz is actually a mobile social networking community with a mobile download application that brings you IM (Instant Messengers), free call between IM, free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls, some social networks such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter on your mobile phone.You can read all about Nimbuzz here.

Nimbuzz at a glance

Founder of Nimbuzz: Evert Jaap Lugt and Martin Smink

Founded year: 2006

Headquarters of Nimbuzz: Rotterdam (a city west of the Netherlands).

Offices of Nimbuzz: San Francisco  (the 12th most populous city in the United States), London (the capital of England and the United Kingdom), São Paulo (the largest city in Brazil), Córdoba (the second largest city in Argentina) and New Delhi (the capital of India).

Support Operating systems of Nimbuzz: iPhone OS, J2ME, Symbian 60, Windows Mobile, Android and Windows and Mac OSX, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc

Supporting languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Indonesian languages and Hindi (coming soon)

Popular Nimbuzz services: International calls, VOIP, SMS, IMs, IM to IM free calls, chat rooms, private chat room, Social networking and micro-blogging integrations etc.

Nimbuzz Competitors

Nimbuzz had so many competitors. Yahoo Chat, Skype, Mig33 were amon some of the main competitors of Nimbuzz.

Features of Nimbuzz

Currently Nimbuzz interfaces with several popular messaging services such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk(Gtalk), ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM as well social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Hyves, GaduGadu, Orkut, etc and micro-blogging platform such as Twitter.

With one login, one contact list, all accounts can be managed easily with Nimbuzz !.

See who´s online and where, call/group-call, chat/chatrooms, offline messaging, send photos/music/video, voice messaging are some other features of Nimbuzz.

Presence features support on Nimbuzz

  1. Geo location
  2. Personal Message
  3. Status settings
  4. Display Picture

The Nimbuzz Buzz

The “Buzz” is an alert sent to let Nimbuzz user know someone is trying to get in touch with him, when he is offline/idle. This feature can be accessed directly from the contact list or from the Communicator widget. Sending a buzz is free and can automatically start Nimbuzz mobile to initiate a conversation (Symbian only).

Nimbuzz Phonebook

  • Access to mobile phone phonebook contacts without leaving Nimbuzz screen.
  • Use the Phonebook to back up and restore your contacts. Contacts will be backed up online
  • When you lost your mobile phone, online contacts back up will be really useful.

Use Nimbuzz both on PC and Mobile

You can use Nimbuzz both in your personal computer and in your mobile phone. Separate Nimbuzz applications are made for both your mobile phone as well as for your PC.

Nimbuzz is free to download

Nimbuzz application is absolutely free to download where ever you want at anytime. However, since Nimbuzz uses your internet connection, incremental packet data charges from your mobile internet provider will apply. Even though Nimbuzz won’t download more packer data, it’s wise to use Nimbuzz from mobile only with a flat-rate data plan or free Wifi connection.

Save money with Nimbuzz

You can save huge amount of money with the Nimbuzz!. Instead of calling International mobile calls which is really very expensive, you can save a huge amount of money by using Nimbuzz free IM calls. You can also use Nimbuzz cheap VoIP service to call to International mobile phones and land-phones.

Call types from Nimbuzz is as follows

  • NimbuzzOut – Similar to Skype Out, NimbuzzOut lets you call regular phone numbers using NimbuzzOut credits
  • VoIP
  • SIP(SIP on S60,Windows Mobile, PC and iPhone)
  • Group call

Retrieve Location on Nimbuzz

You can easily share your location and retrieve the location of your buddies on a map in Nimbuzz. This is a great feature for arranging face to face meetings. This is really helpful for business meetings or dating. Just try, you love this feature.

Download Nimbuzz

You can download Nimbuzz from the following as per your need

Nimbuzz download pages

  1. mobile users :
  2. windows PC users :
  3. MAC OS users :

Use Nimbuzz in your web browser :

Nimbuzz direct download locations

Or you can directly download latest version of Nimbuzz from the following locations

  1. Download Nimbuzz from Mobile :
  2. Download Nimbuzz from Windows OS PC :
  3. Download Nimbuzz from Mac OS PC :

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  1. Comment

    I cant up load my pic to display screen..I had try, but not succes. Thank. Regard. Jokosuwito

    1. Replied

      Is your internet connection slow? If so, if you are uploading a photo of larger size on nimbuzz as display picture from mobile, mostly it won’t upload easily. You need to wait for a long time to get it upload on your nimbuzz account. The best solution for this problem is to upload photos with smaller size(like 200kb etc) and wait for sometime. In many cellphones if you are editing/cropping/re-seizing photos and saving it, you can reduce its size. Hope you are satisfied with this solution. Thank you !

  2. Comment

    i cannot backup my phone book anymore its givin me an error failed to back up ur/phone book

  3. Comment

    RE:@ msellem, it’s because of any of the following reason..
    you are using very slow/bad GPRS internet connection on your mobile phone
    some of your applications in your phone like mobile anti-virus blocks from doing backup.
    low free RAM memory
    Nimbuzz server might be busy at that time

    use a good speed GPRS connection on your mobile phone
    close all running applications on your mobile phone and anti-virus software(if installed) and do clear cache and clear all other temporary internet files from your browser and re-start your mobile phone and try to back-up your phone-book address online at Nimbuzz account again. It should be fine now..

    RE:@ nice
    Yes, only if you are using mobile phones with symbian platforms, your nimbuzz application for symbain mobiles can work fine with Nimbuzz internet calls..

  4. Comment

    Sorry for the late response.
    What error are you getting while trying to sign-up at Numbuzz?

  5. Comment

    I lost my nimbuzy ID by hacking… Please give me my id. That is,

  6. Comment

    Hi Pratish,
    I have been using Nimbuzz on my Nokia 5233 and I should tell its really a great application. But I am not able to use it on my Nokia 2700 Classic mobile phone, any inputs on this?

  7. Comment

    Hello Dear Pradeep,
    The OS (Operating System) of Nokia 5233 is Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60, where as the OS of Nokia 2700 is Nokia OS Series 40 5th Edition, Feature Pack 1.

    Most probably you have used Symbian version of Nimbuzz on your Nokia 5233 mobile. So you can’t use the same Nimbuzz software on your Nokia 2700. Symbian software won’t work in Nokia 2700. So you must use Java version of Nimbuzz on your Nokia 2700 mobile phone.

    You can download the Java version of Nimbuzz for your Nokia 2700, just by pointing your mobile default browser to

  8. Comment

    Yes it’s having..

    Glad to help you, but unfortunately neither I’m from Nimbuzz team nor this is an official Nimbuzz website.

    If you forget your Nimbuzz ID password, try to click on “forget password” link on login page of Nimbuzz. You will soon receive further information on your email id.

    If your Nimbuzz ID has been hacked, please contact Nimbuzz team by sending an email to and do not forget to include the mobile number and email where Your hacked id has been registered in your email to Nimbuzz team. Try to explain possible reasons behind hacking of your ID and include as much as information about it in your email. If they you are not receiving any reply to your email from Nimbuzz team within a week, send another email to them.

  9. Comment

    Hi, i m really very sad i m unable to join nimbuz it shows connection failed n link not available from 1 weak, before i was using 7210 it was working now wen i m using 6030 it not working at all. Pl help

  10. Comment

    i can’t use voice chat clearly i found lots of problem in sign in also im using nokie e63 handset so please help me out da sound quality also low

  11. Comment

    Am using nokia 2730 classic, where i down loaded nimbuzz directly via my phone but it can connect reason – connection to the server failed. Could i get assistance?

  12. Comment

    Sir i am using other internet services but unable to use nimbuzz its showing connection failed please mail me for this query it will be kindly appreciable

  13. Comment

    hi pls hepl how back my avatar pic,im very sad not seen all avatar if i online

    pls help.tnx

  14. Comment

    i am not able to login in nimbuzz application. after connecting, it will appear logging in then afterwards syncing contact list…, then failure will appear.

  15. Comment

    I am trying to logging in Nimbuzz PC but it always shows network error. where as when i logging in Nimbuzz web it get logged & working fine.

    Please help in resolving the same.

  16. Comment

    Hi, Please reply what is the problem for in my mobile e71 using nimbuzz for chat, after fewdays its not open &i went office that place its opening what is the reason &ho to login in home net work

  17. Comment

    I’ve changed my password with complicated text., mixed between font, symbol and number with long text. an now i forgot my password?

  18. Comment

    I m using Nimbuzz in my phone (Nokia C3). When i connect it via wifi then it connect perfectly, but in GPRS it shows connection failed because it taking too much time to connect….but there is no trouble with my gprs i works perfectly while browsing, but not in case of Nimbuzz.
    Please help me out.

  19. Comment

    on my mobile in nimbuzz i had registered & also used on facebook & gtalk, but last 1day facebook contacts r not reflecting, plz suggest me how add facebook on nimbuz

  20. Comment

    I have sony ericsson w810i, original not china, Nimbuzz is working fine, but i hve only 1 problem, when any buddy add me on their frind list and i receive his/her request then my fone shut down automatcally with a very long vibration, please helP me.

  21. Comment

    I’m using NOKIA C3,can i chat on facebook with my friends using nimbuzz or otherwise?if so,how?

  22. Comment

    Sir, i am useing nimbuzz software in my mobile Nokia 5310 but i can’t nimbuzz free call to any my nimbuzz friends and there is not also call option and i have already my add my phone number but i can’t call to my nimbuzz friends? So, how can i call to them? Please answer me.

    Hope you will be reply me.


  23. Comment

    i m not able to signup nimbuzz on my samsung GT-5233s. it shows connection failed, while e-net connection ok in mobile

  24. Comment

    last one week i am suffering with my nimbuzz chat from my nokia95. I do nt understand why suddenly nimbuzz disconnected.even i can nt delete it frm my mobile. Please advise me.

  25. Comment

    i am using nimbuzz since last 3yrs very smoothly. But last 2weeks i cannot access nimbuzz for a moment.while i press nimbuzz, i couldn’t enter anytime. Due to disconnection,i lost lot of my friends. I am using nokia N95mobile phone set. Please help me. Zaman

  26. Comment

    I was using nimbuzz 1.7.0 perfectly, but when i updated to 1.9.0 its not responding again and its saying it uses 2 much memory. Plz help

  27. Comment

    sir i have been using nimbuzz since a long time. due to some reasons my phone contacts got deleted but i have stored them in nimbuzz now as i have changed my phone to nokia n97 mini i want all my contacts to be restored but not getting them through the new versions. my username is bornsmartanil and my mobile number is +918802990261

  28. Comment

    sir i am using this software in my mobile nokia c5 i am able to run all my accounts properly except facebook. When ever i tried to login it gives the message offline so kindly help me to login also into my facebook account.

  29. Comment

    im not able to download nimbuzz in my nokia 6030. It says file too large to be saved. Please help me

  30. Comment

    its good but i can’t get voice clarity when i call from my PC NIMBUZZ to another phone’s NIMBUZZ…!!

  31. Comment

    i forgot my nimbuz id and password please tell me how i can recover that and from where

  32. Comment

    worst of d worst application I’d ever seen in my life. if it doesn’t work properly than why d hell do u give this app on all phone’s specially in micromax. 1st of all make it better n than provide it 2 everybody. stupid people.

  33. Comment

    i cant see any photo in my nimbuzz 🙁 , i could c before but now i cant ! my phone is nokia x6 , pleas help me .

  34. Comment

    nimbuzz is not working properly in my samsung champ gt c3303k, i really need you to help me out with this cause when i try 2 open it connection failed and sometime it stuck.

  35. Comment

    Hello i’m not able to login to facebook chat everytime when i try to add a facebook account it shows waiting for response from server and opens browser for permission and eventhoug i allow it is unable to connect , please help

  36. Comment

    There is no option for samsung gt-c3303 so what model should i select to download nimbuzz

  37. Comment

    i cannot sign in it says a network error connection occurred. I’m using PC

  38. Comment

    nimbuzz is too cool site, i love it very much, through this now i have learn many things, and now i have many friends not only in my local area , but also out of country, guys use it, I’m saying you , its too cool and you really like it

  39. Comment

    im using samsung GT c3303 champ, i downloaded nimbuzz but it hasnt calling option so i cant make call only chatting,so pls anyhow solve it as soon as me to solve

  40. Comment

    Nimbuzz – nokia C5 where is the call menu, there isn’t any call menu, But I was calling on c5 with nimbuzz, 4 weeks ago. now a message is appear: “your gsm network does not supported voip blab blab…But skypee and fring is fine for voip calls, nowadays.

  41. Comment

    my mobile name not found in the mobile list

    my mobile is samsang GT-C3303

  42. Comment

    i have samsung GT C3303 mobile i want to use nimbuzzz for chat. just tell me how to use it:)


  43. Comment

    nimbuzz is showing java error on gtc3303.thers another version that gets downloaded and dosent work

  44. Comment

    i lost my nimbuzz id password. How to get it bak via an email. My account name is srilankan~knights

  45. Comment

    how can download nimbuzz for facebook chat.

    my phone model is samsung gt c3303

  46. Comment

    i want download browser but my mobile is not supporting browser. what should I do? help me! my mobile is samsung cham cam gt-c3303k

  47. Comment

    dear sir, i m using samsung gt c3303 champ, and i downloaded nimbuzz but it is not properly functioning, it says java error. please suggest me how to load.

  48. Comment

    Hey sir! I have an sony erricson java j2me phone.. I had download 1:9(2) version which is the latest version, but when i try to upload photos or sending files an error comes “nimbuzz can’t read files of your system” ..also of 10kb pic i cant upload.. please sir give me solution, i want to upload photos to nimbuzz for my friends…. Thanks sir!

  49. Comment

    I have blackberry and I can’t call and enter the chat rooms …… Please solve this problem

  50. Comment

    sir i am unable to use nimbozz showing java error. but i use other applications.

  51. Comment

    hey i have mobile samsung champ gt c3303 . i don’t know how to use it please help me tell me about its usage

  52. Comment

    sir,hw can i download nimbuzz to ma fone samsung champ gt-c3303.. .aftr downloadin t showin java error

  53. Comment

    my mobile model is samsung gt-c3303i am not able to download nimbuz it is showing error nd my model number is not listed how should i download nimbuz

  54. Comment

    i am using samsung champ gt c3303 my mobile no suppoting nimbuzz how can it.

  55. Comment

    Hi all ! i have Samsung champ 3303k . i have downloaded and

      installed it is showing an error ” Connection Failed, The language list couldn’t be retrieved . Do you want to force the application to use the default language(English)? ” i have two option “ok” , and “exit”. i am not able to click on any of both.
      please help.
  56. Comment

    hi am using samsung hero e2232 i downloaded nimbuzz its not workin properly it says java error page size too large wat can i do in ma mob its supports java apps maximum 200kb not more but nimbuzz size more than 200kb size

  57. Comment

    am unable to create an account all the names i use seems to b taken up oready i ve tried so many times pliz sign me up automatically

  58. Comment

    my mobile is nokia 6700 slide.when i call by nimbuzz to a same mobile nimbuzz, i can not hear him even he also can not hear me though call is processing. is it our internet connection problem? if that what should we do? i hve no wifi conection.

  59. Comment

    i have a problem in nimbuzz i can open it with my house wifi but it can’t open with any other wifi. why? thank you.

  60. Comment

    please, i want to retrieve my account details of account=المعنكش password=0788511787$==$abood
    my gmail please sent password to my email

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