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Are you looking to find what happened to Mig33 website and Migme mobile application ? Want to use the service again, then let’s go through the following article.

Mig33 is a free Java application that offers various services, including mobile social networking, instant messaging, VoIP, and SMS, all on your mobile phone with GPRS service. You can check what happened to mig33 on this article.

Mig33 was once widely used by foreign workers especially in KSA, Qatar, and other Gulf countries to communicate and chat with their dear and loved ones in their native countries. It was also a wonderful dating application with free chat facilities that works on very slow mobile internet connections of that time. Nimbuzz was the only main competitor of Mig33 of that time.

This article will provide you with information on Migme, how to use it, where to download it, and additional content about this versatile platform.

In simple terms, Mig33 allows you to:

  1. Meet new friends through Mig33 chat rooms.
  2. Use private messaging and chat features.
  3. Access popular instant messengers like GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Live, ICQ, AIM, and more on your mobile phone.
  4. Share pictures with friends.
  5. Enjoy scrapbooking and picture album features.
  6. Make limited free calls.
  7. Send limited free SMS.
  8. Have fun in chat rooms.
  9. Play games with friends.
  10. Send gifts to friends.
  11. Create and control your own chat room.
  12. Join the community and groups.
  13. Earn free credits for inviting friends to join Mig33.
  14. Make cheap international calls.
  15. Send cheap international SMS.
  16. Access credit vouchers and recharging facilities.
  17. Earn money through merchant positions.
  18. Use Mig33 on all Java-enabled mobile phones with GPRS activated.
  19. Use it on any computer with an internet connection.
  20. Consume fewer data packets/GPRS/internet.
  21. Experience fast loading times.

Using Mig33 on Your Mobile

To use Mig33 on your mobile phone, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you have a GPRS-enabled mobile phone.
  2. Activate GPRS and set it up for mobile applications.
  3. Download and install Mig33 directly from your mobile phone’s default browser by visiting the official website.
  4. Open the installed Mig33 application and complete the network setup.
  5. Log in or register for a Mig33 account. If you’re a new user, registration will involve receiving an SMS with your username, password, and an authentication code.
  6. Log in using your username and password.
  7. Configure settings and add instant messengers, such as Yahoo, Gtalk, and others.
  8. Enter chat rooms, make friends, play games, and enjoy the virtual world created by Mig33.

Using Mig33 on Your PC

If you have a registered Mig33 account:

  1. Visit mig33 website on your PC.
  2. Click on the “Login” button, enter your username and password, and log in.

If you do not have a Mig33 account:

  1. Visit mig33 website.
  2. Click on the “Register” button, provide the necessary information, and register.
  3. After registration, an SMS with your username, password, and an authentication code will be sent to your mobile number.
  4. Visit the login page again, enter your username and password, and log in. You’ll be prompted to enter the authentication code.

Mig 33 Forums and Support

While there are many forums supporting Mig 33, not all provide the latest news, info, tricks, and tips.

For reliable support, visit FreeZonal’s official Mig 33 support centre Forum, where you can get assistance, share your experiences, and clarify any doubts.

You can find links or what happened to Mig33 forums later in this article.

About Mig33

Mig33 was released in December 2005 and quickly gained popularity worldwide. With over 27 million users in more than 202 countries, it has become a significant platform for social networking and communication. The company was founded by Steven Goh and Mei Lin Ng.

The Origin of Mig33

Mig33’s concept emerged in a library coffee shop, where the founders, Steven Goh and Mei Lin Ng, aimed to find a way for teens and students to send unlimited text messages (SMS) at affordable rates. Their ideas led to the creation of Mig33.

Mig 33 Traffic Details

Mig-33 has a diverse user base, with the majority in Indonesia (23%), followed by India (17%), South Africa (12%), Egypt (8%), and other countries. These statistics are compiled from various sources, including Google Trends and Alexa traffic statistics.

Mig33 Tricks, Tips, and News

You can discover Mig33 tricks and tips on our website. For more free and working Mig33 tricks and the latest news, visit our website and register for free.

Follow Updates on Twitter

The company was active on twitter, but now they are not handled by the official team anymore.

What Happened to Mig33 ?

Let’s check what happened to mig33 right now here. Please go through the following paragraphs to get an insight of what is happening right now with mig33.

Mig33 Websites and Apps

If you are looking for the official website of Mig 33 and for downloading the official migme mobile application check the information given below.

Please note that the official Mig33 website is no longer in service, and the official mobile app has been offline since 2018. Most forums that supported this service are also inactive, so exercise caution when visiting such websites.

Downloading Mig33 Apps and Browsing Migme Websites

Downloading mig33 old apps from untrusted and unofficial source is highly not recommended because those apps are connecting to old mig33 websites and servers where they are not been handled by the official team. There are lot of fake websites and apps claiming they are from official team.

Be aware that anyone can start a website with name similar to the official name and can pretend themselves as the official team which is actually called phishing. Stay away from such fake apps and websites.

Scams of Migme

Lot of new scams of Migme are going on. Beware of New Migme Scams. Let’s go through some of the major mig33 scams here.

Some of the old domains used by the official Migme services are no longer handled by the official company. Later these domains are registered by third-party and are hosted with same or similar logos and website design of the old official website. They are trying to impersonating a collapsed brand and thereby doing phishing or scams.

Some users are reported that lot of scams are going on different platform that looted the money of many mig-33 fans. Scams are operating different forms like below.

  • Scammers asking money to remove ban on banned mig-33 ids
  • Scammers asking money to provide app or login services to chat on secret mig33 servers
  • Scammers created fake mig 33 pages and asked them to login using Gmail or Facebook username and password. Once any user tried to login, their username and password was received by these frauds and they will login and change it. For some OTP will be received on the victim’s mobile number where the same hackers asked them it is need to confirm their identify. So these criminals will collect it from the victim itself so that they can confirm the password change. Later these hackers will ask money from the victim to give the Facebook or Gmail account back to them.

I highly recommend everyone to stay safe from these criminals.

How to stay safe from Mig33 Scams ?

  • Do not download Mig33 apps from untrusted sources as the official company was shut down some years ago. It is possible for hackers and scammers to create a fake apps and submit on many untrusted online app services.
  • Do not try to login any migme unknown websites even though they give false claims that they are official.
  • Do not share your passwords of any service with anyone.
  • Do not share your personal mobile number or other sensitive information with anyone who call you via phone or via message or via email. No matter who they are. If they are claiming from any official government source, then you should directly visit those government offices or get their contact information directly from government offices or websites. For further clarification you can get a local government authority support on this case.
  • Share this article to social medias and educate everyone about these types of scams.

Mig33 changed name to Migme

In 2014, the platform underwent a re-branding and transformation, becoming migme. During this period, FIH Mobile, a division of the Taiwanese consumer electronics conglomerate acquired a 19.9% stake in the company. Initially conceived as a social chat and gaming application for basic mobile phones, migme has since evolved into a comprehensive mobile entertainment platform catering to users in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The Migme’s company headquarters are situated in Singapore.

Migme and Mig33 Returns

As per our investigation on this case, we found that mig33 or it’s newly changed company migme will not be coming back to active. The company has shut down their websites, servers and offices due to heavy losses incurred on a few years ago.

Updates and Suggestions

If you find any errors or wish to suggest updates to this article, please feel free to contact us. If you are the victim of any scams, please post it in the comment section below.

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127 Reviews and Replies on "Mig33"
    1. Replied

      Hello Sohaib, You can download mig33 symbols and other flooding/stylish funny codes by browsing in our Category of this website or by searching Download Mig33 Codes in search box of this website. But I recommend everyone to visit our of Mig33 category and read all posts listed there for mig33 codes, flooding tools, kicking tools, news, admin lists etc because you may get more up to date information there. Adding these codes with chat messages may help you to chat in the most stylish way. But please be aware that most of the room owners/moderators may kick you from the room if you misuse it. So please use it wisely and enjoy !

  1. Comment

    Sir i’m using nokia 3110c. Is it possible to use file manager (x-plore) on it? or how to search for this software. please help me

    1. Replied

      dear Sudeep, i’m sorry that i cannot give you an advice here since this article only discuss about mig33. If you like to get a solution for your query, please register at FreeTechy.com and post a new topic with a detailed description of your query in suitable category. You will get a solution soon ! Thanks.

    1. Replied

      After you register for an account in mig33, you will receive an SMS on the mobile phone number that you gave while registering. If you do not receive SMS on your mobile number, you can request to get for another authentication code on next day just by logging the website using your username and password. If you receive the authentication code, you may need to login mig33 now. While logging in, you are asked to enter that authentication code. Just enter it and now your account is completely active. But still if you do not receive the authentication code, you may need to contact support team by mailing them to contact@mig33.com . Do not forget to describe your problem that you are facing, mobile number, your contact email id etc while mailing them.

  2. Comment

    how is mig different then Rocketalk, also lot of my frinds are talking about voice chst on rocketalk, cn you tell me what is rocketalk

  3. Comment

    Re:@ Bashir & Goku,
    Thanks for your feedback..

    Re:@ Manish,
    Most probably you might be banned for your misbehavior in mig33 chat room, or to community users. Now you have to contact official support team to un-ban your mig33 id. Send an apology email to contact@mig33.com with your name, contact email id other than mig33 email id, mobile number where you mig33 id has been registered etc. Mig33 team will inspect your chat history and will un-ban your id giving you a new chat life. All the best. If this is not working, inform me.

  4. Comment

    Mig33 is the best fun I have ever had, when walking I use mig33 before I sleep I must play with mig33 I love mig33. My invited friends are not able to register why? thanks & more elbow to your shoulders.

  5. Comment

    Its fun using mig33 . But i have some query why i cannot invite usa phone number as well as cdma mobile number? When i invite cdma mob number, message will be delivered but the invitation is nt recived in the cdma mobile?wat is the reason for this?so plz answer the question

  6. Comment

    Pls how can i add my yahoo contacts to mig3 3 and can i add my facebook contacts to mig,pls can i enter yahoo chartrooms with mit and what is the difference between mig33 and ebuddy

  7. Comment

    migg team doing great job . But 1 thing ‘mig’33 team n0t geting acti0n against abuser. I am merchant dil_s44b, khan-, oo7., il__.jiggar.__li, i saw most merchant or submerchant abuser and multi kicking user .thats why m worry . Thankyou Best regard

  8. Comment

    i have received authentication code after a long time. at that time i have close the window. now i have 2 fill authentication code. how i can go to authentication page. please reply hurry, I’m facing this problem

    1. Replied

      Hello Ankur,
      To authenticate your mig-33 account, just login to your account with your user-id and password from the log-in page of the website in PC or from the mobile application. Now you will be directed to authentication page of mig 33 and all you have to do is to submit your authentication code there. Your mig33 account will be activated instantly. If you forget your migme authentication code, now you can request to re-send your authentication code to your mobile number.

  9. Comment

    Hello chief… I just wanted to find out why my mobile phone don’t want to log in when I’m trying to start up mig33? Can you please tell me what to do?

  10. Comment

    Hello. I just downloaded mig33 in my blackberry 9520. Can you please explain me how to transfer my MSN contacts to to the new migg33 account? Thank you

  11. Comment

    I’m a mig33 user. I’m not receive any message of my authentication code in my new hand set e63.for that i can’t access in my mig33 id.plz send my authentication code early as soon as possible.i faced problem

  12. Comment

    i have created the mig33 account.
    But i didn’t get the authentication code.would u please help me..

  13. Comment

    To the admin


    subject: admin in mig

    dear sir, i am naim.My mig33 id ‘rainynaim’.I like mig33 so much and love it too! So i want a admins in mig33.

    So there for pray and hope that you would be kind enough to allot me a admins & oblige thereby.


    age= 20+

    sex= male

    location= bangladesh

    mig33 id= rainynaim

  14. Comment


    i registered 2 days back in mig33 but up to now still i didnt get authentication code. I tried the resend many times but nothing.

    I also emailed contact@mig33.com but no reply.

    Can you please help me out? My ticket number is 2610033 thanks.

  15. Comment

    hii guys,

    since your facing a lot of problems.. i will help you.. as a global administrator of mig33 im ready to answer all your question and the problems your facing… for more infomation please contact these people…

    mig33 ids = (mrdestiny) (lord99) (wyt…) (moya) (sunalsun) (dot.care)

    thank you.

  16. Comment

    hello sir, again the same question, i typed my yahoo account on my login box-

    aseem_cygnet@yahoo.com but it says incorrect id/password.

    I m worried boss, please post or email me a solution.

    Mig id- aseempratapsubedi.

    Sir what should i type on facebook login box to add facebook IM?

  17. Comment

    i live in US and i cant get the authentication code sent by mig33 to my mobile phone. my service provider is BOOST

  18. Comment

    I’m a fan of mig33, i like it so so so much, my mig33 id is ( heart-beat_ ) thanks all of administrator, moderators & lot of users on mig33

  19. Comment

    I m mig33 user but now my ID has been banned so I request to the ‘contact@mig33.com’ for the help to unban my ID .I got the ticket number #2765385 but I didn’t understand what to do with this codes. My ID is still banned or what?whenever I try to login it says ‘login failed,your acount is not active’ .if u know what to do with this codes or if you know the solution please tell me. My mig33 ID is syarz97 & email ID is syarzz@gmail.com. Thank you.

  20. Comment

    I am also a m ig33 user still have problem of id some take and change password an mobile i concta mig-33 for helping me but still nothing so for kindly help me to get my id ….. my id is madotcom first regester number is 2557730014 but this number has regester oyher id while that my id like so much please help me to get it am Tanzania…….thank you…

  21. Comment

    i’ve registered and downloaded bt the application is not working on my Nokia 2690. pls why

  22. Comment

    Why Mig33 doesn’t login IM(Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, Facebook)? I tried at least 100 times but it says “unable to retrieve id” . Therefore i and many of my friends had to leave Mig33 for around 1 year. What is the problem in the case of other communities? It seems Mig3 3 to be commercial in the name of IMs(Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, Facebook) rather than providing services.

    I hate Mig33.

  23. Comment

    please send my authentication code,
    I can’t login. so please send code.
    my migg id is ranjanbhai25
    and mobile number is 9709820818

  24. Comment

    I download mig33 ready but can’t install in my phone because i no see my phone model GT505.so how should i do? Thanks

  25. Comment

    For all the People having Java based Phone, you can go to the site from your Mobile Browser m.getjar.com or from computer getjar.com search for Mig33, it will display on your screen, click on download the application, it will display the code than you can download it from your phone thru quick download page.

    Its very fast, best and simple to use YM and MSN plus call back feature to make calls to anywhere in the world after you purchase credit from their site.

    Go ahead try it.

    1. Replied

      It is recommended to check out updated article before trying to download mig33 from any source.

      Verified UserAuthorTrusted
  26. Comment

    Hello sir
    I’m using nokia2700c in which I’m not able to download any Java jar mobile application. is there any version of mi g33 which can support in my nokia2700c. please give me suggestion on 8084358446

  27. Comment

    I’m using LG GT540, when I login Ann and go on to chat then after a minute show Java has stopped unexpectedly. then closed ,please solve my problem

  28. Comment

    Hi , Since you are facing a lot of the problems i well help you……as a global administrator of mig33 I’m ready to answer all your question and the problems your facing …
    For more information please contact this me
    and friends
    mig33 ids= (nenoo-00)(rostum_-_) (jeme_alprince)
    Thank you so much

  29. Comment

    Dear mig33 team, i have banned, and i could not enter chat rooms. I know why i banned. Because i kicked twice by (admin controller) in syria chat room. The first is because my phone error then send message with same sentences. And the second is because i anger with abruneian cause he insulted me as an syria after admin kick that brueian, he kicked me. And because that i banned for entering all chat room.yeah, admin is human too. So please unban my id aseer_-_al7b , because many of my friend in chat rooms, i just sad, confuse and lonely. Mig33 has being a place for my life, so don’t take my world with banned me. I try to follow mig-me rules. And i will always be better chatter if mig team un-ban me. Thanks for all the attention

  30. Comment

    Dear mig33,

    my id {draks999} is not active please reactive my id and i don`t do anything please help me mig33 team.

    Thank you…

  31. Comment

    Dear forum,
    I registered my mig33 account with an id shahvizay but it asks for authentication code which i dint get via any media from me. I am a very new user to your service. plz help me and send me my authentucation code ASAP i will b very obliged. My cell no. is 9779849095648.

    Thank you.

  32. Comment

    f##k mig33. i can’t chat with ma facebook contacts. mig33 doesn’t take care of his clients anyways, its just keep doing nonsense pub about itself. f##k it and f##k them. better change the application.

  33. Comment

    my no is 9496816519 please send the migg33 Mobile verify code. Please send sms code contain illegal characters

  34. Comment

    hi dear sir. my account is not active has long time . please . login my account in active username (agmed_bent) …. thanks.

  35. Comment

    dear admin. my self suraj, how can i use mig33 email on my mobile
    email box. pl post email box setting for mig 3 3

  36. Comment

    I can’t download mig33 the one to chat would friends my phone is a blackberry curvr 9300

  37. Comment

    Anyone can help me i want 2 download mig33 on my phone what should i do my number is 0792524819 plz help me

  38. Comment

    dear did not download my mobile please send me mig33. my number 9842354573 my mobile nokia 6300 model.

  39. Comment

    sir, you might know that in Kashmir sms Service has been banned. is their any alternate way for register as your code comes through sms.

  40. Comment

    Please tell me how to setup facebook IM account in mig33. I login several times via mi g33 and faceBook but cant verified

  41. Comment

    hey..i already have mig33 account‏ ‏and i haven’t use it for a year but i forgot it’s password..and i requested it many times but i haven’t receive any sms with the password..and i sent an email to contact@mig33.com but no reply..i really need to get my password please help me..thanks in advance

  42. Comment

    i cant register because it says” mobile number already ready register” pls help me with this problem

  43. Comment

    i can’t open mig33 as its banned in my country so can you plz tell me how i can open it???

  44. Comment

    My id (deathnote123) has been hacked i want that id password back plz send my id password in my number 9779846197230 please help me forget passwork does not work

  45. Comment

    i tried forgot password link to retrieve my mig33 password but it says Sorry. We were unable to find the mobile number you provided. what can i do?

  46. Comment


    And me also my id (ahmadill15) has been hacked i want that id password in my no +255776329161 .please help me forget passwork does not work.

  47. Comment

    my id drizzy.boyz id is hacked which contained 238 USD plz i wanna try 2 recover it

  48. Comment

    Dear sir

    every time i try to log in my id milan_moksha i get info dat your id n pasword doesnt match! I am socked bcz i cant run my own id n i have nt changed my pasword! I wanna get my id back plz help me! And i have got ticket num 4506297 wat to do wid it?

  49. Comment

    My mig id ‘musamia.’ banned and sent email got ticket number and given it to mig. Got reply of mail showing my id un banned but till i cant enter chat rooms. And my merchant id ‘baker_bhai20’ when i want to log in showing that account is not active. What should i do.

  50. Comment


    i want to find the mobile number of mig.33 id who are not in my contactlist.but i have no pc.i want to find it from my mobile.what should i do? my phone model is SAMSUNG GT-S5230

  51. Comment

    Dear Migme Fans and old active users, I have updated this article for you. Feel free to comment your thoughts on Mig-33 using our comment box.

    Verified UserAuthorTrusted
  52. Review

    How to download mig33 for android?
    I remember my user name only, can’t remember my password.
    Can somebody help me?

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