Siliguri MMS – 18 Year College Girl Committed Suicide

A poor college girl named Neha committed suicide due to the circulation of her MMS clip popularly known as Silguri MMS. On last Wednesday night (October 27, 2010), Neha committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling of her own room.

About Siliguri MMS

Neha was an 18 year old, first year college student of Siliguri Government Polytechnic College in West Bengal, India. She was in love with a second year student Anindya Garai from the same college. The lovers were having physical relationship.

Anindya filmed the physical relationship of himself and Neha in their hostel mess on mobile phone without the knowledge of Neha. He then circulated this among the classmates and even college mates as MMS clips, when Neha broke-up her relation with him. These clips were later circulated outside the college and published even in many websites like Youtube.

Neha had already filed an FIR, but the police didn’t take any immediate action. But the poor girl was taunted by everyone in her college and her community. Since the condition become more and more worse, she committed suicide.

Neha’s father said to News Medias that she wouldn’t have committed suicide if the police would have taken action on his daughter’s FIR which she was filed 5 weeks ago.

siliguri mms

This is not the first case that a girl is being filmed with her boyfriend in bed and publishing it among friends, colleges and in many websites. Everyday many new MMS clips are been produced by the boyfriends and are publishing it virally around the society. Some of the girls are committing suicide and some are trying to end-up their life! Still then most of the girls are not aware about this and some are ignoring it. The Indian Government is not taking any serious action against the culprits and steps to stop these kind of traps.

Indian girls must be educated well about these traps. If you really want to help them to be stay safe from traps like this, please recommend news like this to your friends, sisters and others. You can recommend this article through many ways like sending the link to this page through email, sharing this article in facebook, twitter, orkut etc.

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11 Comments on "Siliguri MMS – 18 Year College Girl Committed Suicide"
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    “such kind of criminals should not be send behind the bars for few months nor they shuld be hung till death. They should be shot to death on the spot.”

  2. Comment

    Oye badlogo !!life is so short .try to understand the meaning of life .never commit suicide. Who we are to comment on this topic?? If aap log comment karna chahate ho to, meri ek baat yaad rakhna “ki pehle apni family ki ladkiyo ko short kapde pehnana band karo.then u change the society . Pehle to ye ladkiya enjoy karti hai boyfrnd ke saath.pata nahi baad me society ko pata lagte hi ye apni life ko dust ki tarah samjhte girls western culture to accept kar li par unki basic rules ko follow bhi nahi karti. If we people really want to stop such heinous crime then we hv to start from ur home . At modern times moral and physical ethics hv lapsed.please if u want to make ur country proud then behave with people , specially u girls dont do anything which ur parent never want.girls power are not given proper by ur constitute.

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    The boy was doing very thing. i want that after his marriage his daughter also doing same thing that he do with neha. kuda terako kavi map nahe karga.

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    According to my opinion this is fully hateful for us.

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    the boy should b punished for his mistake. I think the should be arrested and hang till death

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    girls u trust boys .thats the main reason for such things happens in our society.just open ur eyes and thing what ur doing.

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