Here is the video of a girl who invented an alarm clock to wake her up in the morning with a slap in her face. This video is going viral on youtube.

Alarm Clock wake you by slapping on face
Alarm Clock wake you by slapping on face

Sometimes most of you don’t wakeup simply by listening to your alarm, you need someone to wake you up. When these people hear the beep of their alarm, they simply click snooze and go back to their sleep again. Those people who don’t have anyone to wakeup them will find it difficult to wakeup in the morning.

A girl named Simone Gietz invented an awesome alarm clock that can wake her up in the morning. Alarm clock wake her up by vigorously slapping on her face as per the time set by her.

Children beware! Your parents may implement these types of alarm clocks in your bedroom.

In the video she explains well how she created this DIY face slapping alarm clock.