Fifth Generation Computers

Introduction of fifth generation computers

fifth generation computerFifth generation computers are the future generation computers. The fifth generation computers will be under Artificial-Intelligence. The idea of fifth generation computer was introduced by Japan’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1982. The term fifth generation was stretched out to convey the system as being a leap beyond existing computer machines.  But the fifth generation computer system (FGCS) project of Japan was failed since the Ministry of International Trade and Industry ( MITI ) of Japan stopped funding for it.

Advances in science behind the creation of fifth generation computer

Many advances in the science of computer-design and technology are coming together to enable the creation of fifth generation computers. Two such engineering advances are give below

  1. parallel processing, which replaces von Neumann’s single central processing unit design with a system harnessing the power of many CPUs to work as one.
  2. the technology of superconductors which is another great advantage, allows the flow of the electricity with very less or even no resistance, greatly improving the information flow speed.

Conclusion of fifth generation computers

Some of the advanced computers that we use today have some qualities or characteristics of fifth generation computers. For example, an expert computer machine system assist doctors to distinguish or identify a disease by diagnosis. It will take many more years of development before these expert fifth generation computer systems are widespread use. If you have any questions or suggestions to improve this article about Fifth Generation Computers, feel free to comment or contact us.

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    I want to know more about super conductors and parallel processing. What progress is being made up to now for the development of fifth generation computers?

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    i have some ideas or views about the fifth generation computer and i believe its possible if you support me,or we shared ideas

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    Hello all, sorry for the late response and thanks for asking questions to us.

    Re:@ Narayan Josh

    I will write up an article about it soon. In-between, please get more information about super conductors and parallel processing from and

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    5th computer generation idea was only discovered and developed by japanes only or there is other who develop it instead of japanes

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