Buy Aakash Tablet PC Online for around 1850 Rupees

Do you want to buy Aakash Tablet PC online. Follow the simple procedure given below to purchase India’s revolutionary and the cheapest tablet PC online.

Image of New Aakash Tablet PC -UbiSlate

new aakash tablet pc UbiSlate
new aakash tablet pc – UbiSlate

Aakash Tablet PC Sold Out

Aakash Tablet PC was introduced for students and has been sold out. But don’t worry you can now purchase UbiSlate 7 which is the upgraded version of Aakash Tablet PC. Aakash was having only 366 MHz processor with only WiFi facility and was not having SIM and GPRS feature, but Ubislate 7 is having SIM and GPRS facility with 700 MHz processor.

In our earlier article about Aakash Tablet PC we have given all important information about it and how to purchase it online. But we have got lot of complaints that many users couldn’t purchase it online. This is because the website that we have provided was not opening sometimes due to heavy spike in traffic.

Buy Aakash Tablet PC Online

To purchase upgraded version of Aakash Tablet PC, UbiSlate 7 you need to visit the following website and fill all the necessary information to per-order the item.

Price of Aakash Tablet PC / Ubislate 7

The price of Ubislate 7, which is the upgraded version of Aakash Tablet PC is around 2999 rupees, but for Aakash Tablet PC, the general price was only 2500 rupees and 1850 rupees for students.

Alternate option to Buy Aakash Tablet online

Sometimes the website for per-ordering the tablet pc will be down (not opening)I. In this case you may directly call the toll free number 18001802180 for per-ordering the tablet PC.

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Update on Aakash Tablet PC

Update: This product is no more available in it’s advertised form due to several issues. You can read more information about it from the webpages given below.

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    When & How I receive this tablet by post or courier ?
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    I Want To buy this aakash tablet when i will receive and how can i get this plz help

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