Comparison between Computer with Human being and Calculator


Most of you cannot answer if someone ask  What is the Comparison between Computer with Human being and Calculator?. This article will give you an answer for this question. I have explained the main Comparison between Computer with Human being and Calculator in different paragraphs and in a table given below.

Humans created and using Computers and Calculators. But there are many difference between Computers, Calculators and Humans. Even-though Humans are the creators of Computers and Calculators, these gadgets are more powerful than human beings in many cases.

A typical human brain is constantly changing as it retrieves, stores, processes, and outputs information and contains about 100 billion neurons and a still larger number of other cells where as a computers’ brain consists of a combination of processing units and memory units.

A processing unit can carry out various instructions, such as to compare two numbers to see which is larger, retrieve data, add a pair of numbers, and store data in memory unit(storage). (an inexpensive solar powered hand-held calculator can do all of these things. However, its brain is rather feeble as compared to that of a modern microcomputer.)

Now a days, most of the companies are manufacturing chips that contains both one or more processing units and a substantial amount of memory. If still more processing power and storage are needed, many such units can be interconnected, and more memory units can be added. Super computers are now being built that contain many 10,000’s of processing units and trillions of bytes of memory.

The definitional difference between the computer and a calculator is that a computer can be reprogrammed to perform a multitude of different tasks whereas a calculator is engineered only for one specific set of tasks.

Calculators can moslty do only one calculation/problem at a time. When you want to solve a problem, you have to press the various keys after each step to tell calculators what to do next. On the other hand, computers can be given a series of commands or instructions. These instructions are generally know as programmes.

SpeedSlowFastVery Fast
AccuracyPossible to do errorsGoodVery Good
MemoryLess internal memoryNoLarge Memory
OperationAll operations. But slowArithmeticArithmetic and Logical

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human with calculator computer and laptop
human with calculator computer and laptop

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  1. Now-a-days Computer are used to solve our basic needs. For example- if there is no computer in the bank then we have to wait for a long time for a little bit of transaction.

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