Characteristics of Computer

There are 8 important characteristics features of a computer. This post give you an idea of Characteristics of a computer.  A computer is an electronic computing device which performs the execution according to the given set of instructions called program. It accepts the data, processes it and produces the information.

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Characteristics of Computer
Characteristics of Computer

Main Characteristics of Computer

The characteristics of computer are Speed, Accuracy, Automatic, Endurance, Versatility, Storage, Reduction of cost, Intelligent quotient.

Explanation on Computer Characteristics

Now I will explain each of the characteristic features of a computer below.

Celerity (High Speed)
It denotes the speed of a computer. The computer present in the modern world has the speed of nano and pico second. The various speed that are used by the computers from the former generations are as follows:

1 milli second=1*10^-3 second
1 micro second=1*10^-6 second
1 nano second=1*10^-9 second
1 pico second=1*10^-12 second
Thus the speeds are measured.

Authenticity (Accuracy)
It denoted the accuracy of the computer. They are reliable and robust. It ever makes a mistake. Most probably the error occurs due to the user rather than the computer. There may be certain hardware mistake but with the advanced technique in hand they are overcome.

Example: Only accurate robots are used to perform the operations for the patients since human hands are not flexible for making operations.

Spontaneous (Automatic)
The computers are automatic. It may execute the process without any intervention of user once they are assigned to a work. Once the data or instruction are fetched from the secondary devices such as optical disks, hard disks etc. Immediately they get stored into RAM (primary memory) and then sequentially they get executed.

Pertinacity (Endurance)
This denotes that the computers never get tried as the humans do. If there are surplus amount of executions to be made then each and every execution will be executed at the same time period. They can perform their assigned task without taking any refreshment.

Example: Computers which are used for controlling the satellites.

Adaptability (Versatile)
In our day to day life computers has been a part, with their extended flexibility they are used, all over the world. They can be used as personal computers, for home uses, for business oriented tasks, weather forecasting, space explorations, teaching, railways, banking, medicine etc. All Modern computer can perform different kind of tasks simultaneously.

Storehouse (Memory)
Secondary storage devices are the key for the data storage. They store the data for which the user wants to retrieve these data for future use. The examples for various secondary devices are Floppy disk, Optical disks (CS and DVD), Zip drives, Thumb drives etc. The data of smaller size can be easily fetched and they can be copied to the primary memory (RAM).

Example: Data Warehousing made by IBM.

Cheaper (Reduction of cost)
Computers are short term investment in order to achieve a long term gain. Though the investment is high they reduce the cost of each and every transaction. They reduce man power and leads to an elegant and efficient way for computing various tasks.

Needs a User interface
The only draw back of  computer is it cannot make the decision of its own. It needs a guidance to enhance the process. After all computers is a machine

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