Weird history of Bikini

Do you ever think about the real history of Bikini? I know you never think about it. In reality bikini has a weird history that you don’t even believe, but it is quite interested than you expected. I said this story to many of my friends, but no one believed it. However I feel to […]

Joomla Component

A Joomla component is an extension that enhances the core functionality of your Joomla CMS. This is usually displayed in the “main content” section of your website. Image gallery, Forum, Web-link, etc are components.


Nimbuzz is actually a mobile social networking community with a mobile download application that brings you IM (Instant Messengers), free call between IM, free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls, some social networks such as Myspace, Facebook and Twitter on your mobile phone.You can read all about Nimbuzz here. Nimbuzz at a glance Founder of Nimbuzz: Evert […]


Mig33 is a free download Java application that brings services like Mig33 mobile social networking, Instant Messengers, VoIP, SMS into your mobile phone enabled with GPRS service. All Mig33 stuffs are available here. Here you can get all information about Mig33, how to use and where to download mig33, all mig33 stuffs like mig33 tricks, […]

Charlie Chaplin

You may not identify the person who is in this picture. He is the one who created thoughtful activities in smiling crackers. He was an English comedian actor, director, filmmaker, musician, composer. He worked around 75 years in film industry and contribute a lot for the cinema entertainment world. He is Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” […]

Try new Google Search with permanent Search Sidebar

Try new Google Search with permanent Search Sidebar before it is launch to the public. I have given the trick to open the new Google search at the bottom of this post. Google is looking to streamline its search experience, said by Mr Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search product and user experience. For […]

St Thomas English Medium Higher Secondary School Neerattupuram

St Thomas English Medium Higher Secondary School is an English medium higher secondary school located in the south of Neerattupuram, a place in Thalavady Village, Alappuzha district of Kerala (Indian state). St Thomas English Medium school is one of the two schools in Neerattupuram. This school has 1.5 acre land with buildings in 4 corners […]

40 best tips for Search Engine Optimization SEO

Here is the 40 best tips for Search Engine Optimization SEO. You may know that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is actually the optimization of a website for search engines or spiders to crawl the pages of our website easily and more efficiently. This will help to index more of our website pages in search […]


Website is a collection of web-pages which may be composed of texts, images, sounds, videos, files and other digital medias in a properly arranged way so that it’s navigable and it should have an unique ip address or a domain name in an Internet Protocol-based network. A website is also called as web site.

Pazhassi Raja Movie

Pazhassi Raja is the most popular historical film of the great ruler of Kerala, Kerala Varama Pazhassi Raja. Here all about Pazhassi Raja Movie is available. Pazhassi Raja Movie an Indian multilingual film directed by T. Hariharan, written by M.T. Vasudevan Nair and directed by Gokulam Gopalan.The hero of the film Mammooty plays the role […]