Kings XI Punjab Squad – IPL 2011


Kings XI Punjab didn’t retain any of their players and went for a complete revamp. They didn’t spend much as they used only $6.95 million of the allotted $9 million. They bought all their players except Nathan Rimmington in the first day of the auction. Adam Gilchrist ($900,000) will lead Kings XI Punjab in the fourth edition of IPL.

Kings XI Punjab

Irfan Pathan is picked by Kings XI Punjab for $1.8 million. Next big buy is of Australian All-rounder David Hussey for $1.4 million. David Hussey is Kings XI Punjab’s costliest foreign player . Other notable overseas players bagged by Kings XI Punjab are English All-rounder Stuart Broad and Ryan Harris of Australia.

They tried hard to buy Yuvraj Singh but couldn’t pocket him as he is picked by Sahara Pune Warriors.

They were very prudent in spending their money as they entered the bid for players but lost interest in them as their price rose more than $1 million.Kings Xi Punjab is now left with $2.05 to buy some uncapped players.

Kings XI Punjab IPL logo

Kings XI Punjab Players List

  1. Adam Gilchrist
  2. Stuart Broad
  3. Piyush Chawla
  4. Ryan Harris
  5. David Hussey
  6. Dinesh Karthik
  7. Praveen Kumar
  8. Shaun Marsh
  9. Dimitri Mascarenhas
  10. Abhishek Nayar
  11. Nathan Rimmington

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30 thoughts on “Kings XI Punjab Squad – IPL 2011

  1. first of all priety zinta you look beautiful and i love you a lot

    The following cricketer should be played in the team in order to win this year ipl:-

    1. Adam gilchrist

    2. Shaun marsh

    3. Abhishek nayar

    4. David hussey

    5. Dinesh karthick

    6. A good domestic batsmen

    7. A good domestic player who is allrounder and a good hitter of the bat.

    8. Piyush chawla

    9. Stuart broad

    10. Praveen kumar

    11. A good fast domestic bowler

  2. Hi to officials of kings xi team I’m sonu sharma ranji trophy player left arm spinner I have played 50 ranji trophy matches with 67 wkts at economy rate of 3.39 I played fr r royals 2 years back en they were touring uk u can call n check me on trials if needed thanks

  3. You cannot win 20-20 game unless you have a great fielding squad try to add local players who are extraordinary fielders and create real hard pressure on oppositions

    because now it is kings xi Punjab’s turn to take throne
    and show all The real Punjab courage

    don’t depend on luck
    so no best of luck
    all of north India is with you.


  4. hai. Kings xi punjab. I am a great fan of adam gilchrist.. Now i also likes you because gilly is with you. Best of luck.

  5. it is a good team.playing 11 should be like this:

    Adam gilchrist[captain]

    Shaun Marsh[bat]

    David Hussey[all rounder]

    Abhishekh Nayar[all rounder]

    Dinesh Kartick[wk]

    Sunny Singh[bat]

    Dimitri Mascarenhas[all rounder]

    Praveen Kumar[all rounder]

    Piyush Chawla[bowler]

    Stuard Broad[bowler]

    Ryan Harris[bowler]

  6. hai kX1punjab, 1ST THING IS ADAM GILCHRIST is the best batsman i ever seen..surely this time KX1P wil win thw cup..good luck boys ……mainly for” GILLY”

  7. 1. S.Marsh
    2. A.Gilchirst(C)
    3. S.Singh
    4. D.Hussey
    5. D.Karthik
    6. A.Nayar
    7. R.Sodhi
    8. P.Kumar
    9. P.Chawla
    10. R.Harris
    11. V.Malik

  8. hi! Preity

    wanna convey just one thing ‘we’ll mis yuvi n lee’ proud of punjab and game changer of kiwis

  9. Preethi,i am sure that you cannot win the ipl 2011.because your team selection is obviously bad.if preethi was spend some money,punjab was get a marvellous i am telling one’s more YOUR LOSE IN IPL 2011

  10. Hi All

    i was thinking that yuvi will b the captain

    [some content removed by FreeZonal moderator. Reason: non-English comments are not allowed]

    Any ways best of Luck

  11. nice team adam gilchrist is also there tell every team that we are the best oyyeeeeee chak de phatte!

  12. good team king xi punjab ipl cup got punjab

    1. S.Marsh

    2. A.Gilchrist(C)

    3. S.Singh

    4. D.Hussey

    5. D.Karthik

    6. A.Nayar

    7. R.Sodhi

    8. P.Kumar

    9. P.Chawla

    10. R.Harris

    11. V.Malik

  13. Stuart Broad And Dimitri Mascarenhas will miss IPL season-4 because of an injury..david miller and ryan mclaren are the replacements!

    According to me..KINGS XI PUNJAB team should be like this!

    1.Adam gilchrist [wk/batsmen]

    2.Shaun Marsh [batsmen]

    3.David Hussey [batsmen]

    4.Abhishekh Nayar [bowler]

    5.Dinesh Kartik [wk/batsmen]

    6.Sunny Singh [batsmen]

    7.Ryan Mclaren [all rounder]

    8.Praveen Kumar [bowler]

    9.Piyush Chawla [bowler]

    10.Mandeep Singh [batsmen]

    11.Love Ablish [bowler]

  14. Very cheap team but we trust adam gilchrist captaincy n batting.. Pls yaar try to spend more on punjab’s squad.. Anywayz Best of luck priety n to the team..

  15. prethi’s team the greatest team with gilli as captain

    if gilli gets his previous form then punjab can lift this ipl for sure

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