Computer is major component


The computer is a major component of an information technology network and gains increased popularity. Today, computer technology network has spread to ever sphere of modern man, from railway reservation or medical diagnosis, from TV programmers to satellite launching, from match-making to criminal catching, everywhere we witness the elegance, sophistication and efficient possible only with help of computers.


It is the fact about any thing, whatever we call them, or it is the raw materials of information.


The processed data is called as information and data information comes in various shapes or sizes depending upon the application. Computer can store the processed data is called in various shapes or size depending upon the application. Computer can store, process and retrieve the data or information as and when required.

Image: Computer is major component

Computer is major component
Computer is major component

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  1. ENIAC as a type of first generation computer was mistaken to be Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computed. I want clarification on the last C if it is computer or calculator

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