ICWAI Results


ICWAI Results are officially announced by the Institute of Cost Works Accountants of India. All ICWAI examinees can check their exam results online from  www.icwai.org  ,the official website of ICWAI.

How to check ICWAI Exam Results?

ICAWAITo check your ICWAI Exam results just visit http://www.icwai.org/ and if you can’t open that website or getting an error message like “Service Unavailable” because the website is overloaded by too many ICWAI examinees, I recommend you to visit the website after some time.

ICWAI Results February 2013

ICWAI exam results which is conducted on February 2013 has been published online on the official website of ICWAI and is available to check at http://icmai.in/


ICWAI was established in India on 28-05-1959 which is now claimed to be the second largest management academy in the world.

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