The growing market for Beard Trimmers

With the majority of people in today’s time choosing for facial hair maintenance rather than a clean shaved, the usage of trimmers has grown multi-folded in recent years. Amongst the existing brands, the Philips beard trimmer that has found the most of the customers with its user-friendly build and favourable price ranges. When you look at the electric men’s grooming space, there have been a lot of newer brands introduced in India in recent years, especially those brands from China. But interestingly that hasn’t eaten up the market of existing brands like Philips trimmers, rather increased with the popularity for them with the users getting familiar towards such product’s.

One reason for this is because of the penetration rate of new players is limited to just 15% while the rate of new customers adopting towards the product is still intact. The other key reason is the sudden boom of e-commerce as most of the customers are getting addicted to online purchasing nowadays, the perks of getting the world at your finger tips we believe. There are a lot of encouraging factors for a buyer where he can compare these products according to their specifications and price range. For example, you can compare a Philips trimmer and already familiar brands or the newer once and choose within them based on your needs. On the other hand, the intensified competition between these e-commerce players are also helping the customers as they are offering a lot of special offers, speedy service etc.

Adding to this, grooming brands are nowadays into extending their product lengths as new products are getting introduced with varied specifications and design. Again, for example, let us take Philips trimmers who recently introduced their new model with which a user can trim, shave or style with that single design, feel like buying one..? If you haven’t tried one soon. Promotion is, of course, one of the most important P’s among the marketing mix or the famous four P’s of marketing and that’s one area where companies invest huge apart from the making. The same is the story of male grooming segment as well with all players going for cutthroat marketing via social media, visual media etc and among them, it’s the choosing of the right ambassador for the right product.

Once again let’s take Philips trimmers, it is none other than the country’s sensation Virat Kohli, who is taking out their brand to the customers. I guess you can’t have a better channel than this guy, who himself is a style icon for the majority, be it for his dressing, be it for his looks and yes, for his iconic and stylish beard as well. After all, that’s what matters for our topic of discussion. Meanwhile, the foreign-based players are considering to localise their production of such product’s which will again bring down the prices, attracting more customers. For instance Philips, a Dutch-based company is going to move their production into India as well which was usually imported. The result..? Of course the localising of production will cut down their cost from making and logistics which in turn reduces the market price favouring the customers. After all who doesn’t want to be stylish today.

Philips Trimmer Image

Here is an image of Philips trimmer available in market.

Philips Trimmer

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