Invest in the best nighties to make your nights even more fashionable

For the most comfortable sleep, one must own a good pair of nighty. Women have the luxury of choosing from a huge range of nighty. Instead of visiting a shop and buying nighty, you can buy nighty online .

Zivame is an online store that will offer you a bunch of nightwear to choose from. From different fabrics to different styles to different sizes and colours, you will be surprised to find the huge collection. You can spend your spare time scrolling through their mobile application or website. You will come across a section of nightwear where hundreds of nighties will be at display. Be prepared to get mesmerized with their wonderful collection that will blow your mind.

Here are the different types of nighty that you can own for a comfortable sleep.

  1. Shirt nighty: A shirt nighty is like a shirt dress which looks like an oversized shirt. It will come button down until the end and will end right above your knees. They come in different sizes and exciting prints to choose from.
  2. Satin night slip: This amazing piece of fabric will feel silky and smooth against your skin. You will be surprised to see how soft it will feel once you wear the satin night slip. These also happen to be one of the most stylish nighties that you can buy. They come in a long-form or even in the form of a pyjama set.
  3. Shorts set: You can own the shorts set which comes with shorts and a t-shirt. These are very comfortable and ideal during the summers. You can move around freely as they come in different fabrics like cotton and satin.
  4. Pyjamas: The regular pyjamas can be worn during day time and night time as well.
  5. Robe set: If you are a bride to be then you ought to buy these seductive, stylish robe sets. Robes are feminine and they come in satin robe set in lace or floral print and look ultra-chic for the night.
  6. Nightdress: They look like t-shirt dresses and end above your knees. The best thing about nightdress is that it will suit every body shape and the right choice for the humid weathers.
  7. Jumpsuit: The jumpsuit or playsuit nighty are very trendy and will make you look fashionable. The kinds of patterns they come in will spoil you for choices.
  8. Nighty: A nighty or a nightgown is a long gown that women generally opt for. They are flowy and come in breathable  fabrics like cotton. They are everyone’s favourite and come in lace and embroidery work as well.
  9. Baby doll: This is a sexy piece of nightwear that you can buy if you want to swoon your partner. They come in different colours and patterns, which will make you want to stock them up.

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