Is WhatsApp On Android Secure?

Do you ever think that your WhatsApp application on your android device is not secure? Here we share some very useful information about why WhatsApp is not secure. WhatsApp Image WhatsApp Safe on Android ? A Dutch security consultant has found that the chats and share on instant messaging app is insecure.He said that anyone […]


A blog or a web blog is a type of website maintained by an individual or group or a company where  they can add day to day entries and publish it very easily without using more html/php knowledge. There might be a feature for other people to comment on it. In simple, a blog is […]


As you know all dishonest or fraud attempts are called scams. There are different types of scams.  In our day to day life you can see a lot of scams around you. All of you might have been cheated by some one in one way or another, and we all know how it feels. Here […]

Try new Google Search with permanent Search Sidebar

Try new Google Search with permanent Search Sidebar before it is launch to the public. I have given the trick to open the new Google search at the bottom of this post. Google is looking to streamline its search experience, said by Mr Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search product and user experience. For […]