Role of Computer

The role of computer is vast. In our modern world most of our duties are replaced by computers. Here I have given most important roles of computer in brief. The use of information technology (IT) is well recognized, as it become must for the survival of business houses with grouping information technology trends. The flow […]

Definitions of Computer

I have given most popular definitions of Computer here for you. These definitions of computer are the most accepted definitions. You can use these definitions for exams and interviews. Popular Definitions of Computer “Computer is a fast operating electronic device which automatically accepts and store input data, process them and produces results under the direction […]


I’m sure all of you might have heard about computer and it’s uses. But some of you might be having some doubts about computers. This post is for all those who do not know much about computers. Here I’ve given a small definition of computer and brief description of the computers. The term computer is […]