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Job Title: Urgent requirement of Sales & Marketing Executive for promoting our digital products.

Job Position: Field Marketing – Males and Females. Telemarketing – Females only.

Office location: Thiruvalla.

Job: Meet new customers everyday, discuss about company’s Digital/I.T. products and please them to purchase it. Product cost ranges from Rs 100 to above Rs 10 lakhs. Every business and service provider in Kerala is our customer.

It’s a permanent & full-time job.

Income: ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 75,000 per Month based on sales.

You can easily earn ₹ 20,000/m by promoting the sale of our lowest priced product which cost ₹100. This product is very useful for each and every business nearby us. So sale promotion is not an issue.

If you can promote the sale of top priced digital products, then your income will be above 1 lakh/m. There is no limit for you to earn. The harder you work for us, the more you earn.

The company is not looking for big financial gains. All our products are designed and priced to help every business around us during this critical situation.

Our Products: We have over 200 digital products for you to promote. Some of our products are Website Packages, eCommerce Packages, Android & iOS Mobile Apps, Billing Software, SEO, Digital Marketing, ERP Software, School Management System, Hospital Management System, Online Promotions Packages, Online courses, CRM, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security Solutions, Server Management Packages, Robots for Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Professional Data Research, Artificial Intelligence Matrix Solutions (Upcoming Product), etc.

Our Clients: World’s top Businesses & Professionals are already our clients. Due to the current pandemic situation, we have got lot of help request from different businesses around the world especially from Kerala. Now we are hiring you to help each and everyone of them through our SaaS Solutions, AI Systems, Automation Solutions, etc.

Training: We provide you all the basic tools and training to attain a high-level of success.

Candidate Quality: Ability to market products to new customers, hardworking, polite, well-dressed & gentle persons, desire to meet at-least 40 customers everyday, understanding, willing to learn new things, obedient & highly loyal to the company.

Educational Qualification: Degree holders. Preference for MBA holders and for those who have experience in field marketing & sales.

Age Restriction: 20 – 30 years.

Language: You must know to read, write and understand English. Also you must able to speak Malayalam.

Gender: Both Males & Females can apply.


I am a female, can I apply for a job?

Yes. You can apply for both field marketing and telemarketing. You can promote sales through telephone and can earn a good income. However field marketing helps you to earn very high income.

I am a male, can I apply for telemarketing?

No, telemarketing jobs are currently available for females only. Males can apply only for field marketing jobs.

What is field marketing?

Field marketing is a type of marketing in which executives get their company products in front of consumers “out in the field” at retail shops, malls and other business/service locations, events, college campuses, or in public locations. Field marketing initiatives include promotions, demos, and direct sales. Field marketing is the best choice for getting guaranteed high volume sales & income than telemarketing in our company. We have clear thin HD flyer where you can provide them and get instant sales. Both males and females can apply for it.

Is there any joining fee ?


Is there any interview ?



  • Very High Income
  • Direct Appointment
  • Quick Appointment
  • Straight forward
  • Opportunity for Freshers & Experienced

If you need more information which is not given here, you can WhatsApp our CEO.

Before messaging our CEO, make sure that you have read and understand the job details given in this page.

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Do and Don’t

The following are the things that you should and shouldn’t do.

  • You should read and agree with this page contents before applying for the job. If you can’t understand, seek the help of any other person.
  • If you have ego based on your previous job locations, companies, family or job positions, then you should NOT apply for this job.
  • Recommendations by any person, party or organisation are just a compliment, but don’t consider it as a privilege. You are still considering as a candidate only.
  • Never try to engage in financial fraud activity or try to cheat the company in anyway.
  • Company is based on an hierarchical system of managers, teams leaders, etc. You should obey them & our customers even-if they might be younger than you in age or experience.
  • Don’t even think and ask about base salary. Companies are providing base salary with a target sale volume. If you cannot attain that targeted sales volume, then you will lose your job. No company is going to hire new marketing executives at this time because of unpredictable lockdowns. We want to help marketing executives in this situation and that’s why we are providing very high commission for each sales. Remember it’s a full-time job. Yes, there is a target volume and base salary, but you will not be kicked out of the company due to unexpected lock-downs. If someone is joining just for base salary, they just expect a base salary and they don’t want to increase sales. So you should not ask it and don’t even expect it. Think about sales volume and it’s commission income while joining with us.
  • Final terms and conditions need to be signed while at the time of joining the company only.
  • We will provide all safety guidance for you to keep your health very safe. It’s your duty to obey our safety guidance on day-to-day basics.

We want to filter maximum candidates before screening them over telephone and then through interview. That’s the reason why we are mentioning everything on this page.

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