Magic Zoomster Optical illusion

Magic Zoomster Optical illusion This picture is really magical !!!!! You should focus on the dot at the centre and move your head constantly towards & away from the monitor and see the magic !!!!!!    

Rollers Optical illusions

Rollers Optical illusions   Can you see illusion in this picture???  Yeah !!!! The rollers in the picture appear to revolve in the opposite direction when the observer sees it !!!!!

Amazing Switching Face Optical illusion

Here is an Amazing Switching Face Optical illusion. You will be really shocked after watching this optical illusion. It’s true, you will really love this optical illusion.   Switching Face Optical illusion Image In the above picture, Miss Angry person is on left side and Miss Calm person is on right side of you, if […]

Color changing moving dot optical illusion

Here is a super color changing moving dot optical illusion. Now look at the image given below. You an see many pink dots in a circle and a pink dot moving in the circle. Now look at the center of the circle. You can see + (positive black sign). Now concentrate on it for some […]

Optical illusions

We have many exclusive and daily updated optical illusions here. These optical illusion collections are from different sources mostly from emails, groups, communities, different websites etc. Some other optical illusions are submitted by different users. If you have an optical illusion, please contact me.